Benefits of Mint Leaves which are Good for Body Health


Benefits of Mint Leaves which are Good for Body Health

Friday, October 9, 2020
By. Radhyantz

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Mentha piperita L or also known as mint leaves, is an herbal plant that is very well known throughout the world, especially since it is widely used for various products such as chewing gum, breath fresheners, toothpaste, mouthwash and wind oil.

Behind all the processed products from mint leaves, do you know the benefits of mint leaves for body health?


Benefits of Mint Leaves which are Good for Body Health

If you like products that use mint leaves in them, besides the pleasure you will experience, your body's health will also be maintained.


What can you get from the benefits of mint leaves?

1. Overcoming nausea and indigestion

The first benefit of mint leaves is their ability to relieve nausea and indigestion. In addition, mint leaves are also believed to smoothen the digestive system and relieve stomach spasms. Mint leaves have a mild anesthetic effect so they can relieve pain in the stomach.

Another benefit of mint leaves is that they can relieve nausea, including symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy. Recently, a study revealed that mint leaves can improve the flow of bile (which is used by the body to digest fat) and can calm the abdominal muscles.

2. Relieves muscle pain

Not only for the digestive system, the benefits of mint leaves can also be used in massage oil. Mint leaves can relieve muscle pain. In order to avoid irritating your skin, make sure to dilute the mint leaves first.

3. Overcoming nasal congestion

Mint leaves are one of the most commonly used ingredients for cold medicine. The aroma of menthol can help open the respiratory tract as it is anti-inflammatory. Apart from that, the antibacterial properties of mint leaves also help treat infections caused by bacterial attacks.

In addition, the benefits of mint leaves are useful for asthma sufferers because they can loosen the passage of air in and out. How to use it, simply drink mint leaves as tea.

4. Overcoming heartburn

Heartburn is a sensation of pain and heat in the chest. To solve this problem you can get the benefits of mint leaves. Mint leaves can relieve heartburn symptoms through their antispasmodic properties - which also increase the flow of digestive juices through the digestive tract.

However, you also have to be careful because large doses of mint leaves can worsen heartburn symptoms. You can drink no more than three or four cups of mint tea a day.

5. Eliminate bad breath

The mint leaf's fresh taste makes it very effective in relieving bad breath and bad breath. Consuming mint tea is effective in getting rid of bad breath-causing bacteria. In addition, mint leaves can also keep the mouth moist by stimulating saliva production.

6. Relieves stress

The next benefit of mint leaves is their ability to relieve stress by inducing a sense of calm. The activity of its antispasmodic and sedative properties can relieve tension as well as relieve minor muscle pain. A study revealed that, rubbing a little mint oil on the temples and forehead can relieve headache pain.

7. Lose weight

Known as a plant that is low in calories but also contains lots of fiber, mint leaves can stimulate digestive enzymes that help burn fat and help the body absorb nutrients properly. In order for the weight loss diet process to run optimally, you add mint leaves to your daily food or drink.

8. Good for dental health

In addition to providing some fresh effects, the content of mint leaves found in mouthwash or toothpaste can kill bacteria that stick to the walls of the mouth, teeth and gums.

9. Maintain eye health

Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, the benefits of mint leaves that you can get are to help maintain eye health. For those with visual impairments and the elderly, you should regularly consume mint leaves so that eye problems don't get worse.

10. Maintain healthy hair

Mint leaves have the ability to treat dandruff problems as well as refresh the scalp. You can choose a shampoo that uses mint leaves as the base ingredient.

In addition, applying a small amount of mint leaf oil to the scalp can stimulate blood flow to the scalp which in turn stimulates hair growth.

In fact, mint leaves also have the ability to bind hair follicles with protein which can make hair radiant and healthier.

11. Protect from UV rays

In addition to maintaining healthy hair, the benefits of further mint leaves are maintaining overall skin health because of the content of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, vitamins A and C. The cooling effect of mint leaves can also help treat skin problems such as direct sun exposure or burns.

How to use it, mash the mint leaves until smooth and then apply it to the skin. Do this regularly.

12. Remove dead skin cells

Mint leaf oil, apart from being used for massaging, can also be used to remove dead skin cells How to make it, you can mix at least 6 drops of mint essential oil with 1/3 cup of olive oil and 1 cup of salt water

13. Relieves cough

For the benefits of the last mint leaf, you can use it as a natural cough medicine with phlegm. The menthol content in mint leaves can help you break down the mucus in the throat.

In addition, menthol can also be used as a sore throat reliever. To do this, you can add a few mint leaves to a hot tea dish or drop some mint leaf oil into hot water. Inhale the steam that appears, it can soothe nasal congestion

Well, those are some of the benefits of mint leaves that you can get. Even though mint leaves have many benefits, if you use excessively mint leaves can also have side effects such as shortness of breath, you know, pain in the gut to itching on the skin. If you feel the side effects are getting worse, consult your doctor immediately.

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