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7 Mobile Legend Hero Couples Who Are Happier Than Singles

7 Mobile Legend Hero Couples Who Are Happier Than Singles

Hello Everyone ... for those of you who are still single and often spend time in the world of games, of course you are no stranger to legendary mobile games ... I know you must have thought of wanting a partner, but you know, in the world of legendary mobile games some heroes already have partners, for those of you who are still single, don't want to have a partner like the hero heroes in mobile legends ...

If you want to get away from the world of singles, yes ... at least once a week take a walk out and make friends in the real world ... okee ...

The following are some of the hero pairs made by Moonton on the mobile legend.

1. Miya and Alucard

The love controversy between Ruby and Alucard as Queen and King of Lifesteal turned out to run aground. because Moonton gave a new valentine skin specifically for Miya and Alucard. The skin is named Sweet Fantasy for Miya, and Romantic Fantasy for Alucard.

2. Clint and Layla

Clint and Layla are the first couple who have been arranged by Moonton. This skin is the first Valentine's skin. The skin, called Gun's and Roses for Clint and Cannon's and Roses for Layla, has a wedding theme where Clint will be wearing a white Tuxedo, and Layla will be wearing a wedding dress.

3. Gusion and Lesley

Lesley and Gussion are a couple recently arranged by Moonton. This made netizens astonished because at first Netizens thought that Gussion was a same-sex enthusiast. Even though there are so many who like this skin, especially Lesley's skin because she looks so seductive.

4. Odette and Lancelot

It is common knowledge that the Lancelot is a partner of Lancelot, this can be proven from one of Lancelot's quotes "Odette, Beautiful Odette". Apart from that, Odette and Lancelot also got a Christmas skin couple which can be purchased at this limited event last Christmas.

5. Gunivere and Tigreal

Guinevere is a Fighter hero with a mage touch that will be released in a few moments. The name Guinevere itself is taken from an Arthurian or King Arthur story or legend. In the legend, Guinevere himself was the wife of King Arthur. Looking at the code name, it is likely that this latest hero will become the wife of the Mobile Legends hero, Tigreal. This is because in lore itself Tigreal is the only hero who has a knight background with a background similar to King Arthur. Where in this story, Lancelot is already with his girlfriend Odette.

6. Leomord and Vexana

Leomord was originally a loyal knight from Vexana, who to test his loyalty ordered him to end his life. Afterwards, Leomord was revived by Vexana. Even though the story of the two is not too romantic, Vexana and Leomord have a dark aura that is suitable for being a couple. This made them both like a duo of queens and knights from the dark.

7. Aurora and Grock

Actually, there has been no clear talk that the two of them are a couple. But there are already some signs that the two of them are related. The most visible thing is from the aurora animation which releases a large statue that is quite similar to Grock, it could be that Grock's skin will be released. In addition, there is also the Aurora HeartBreak Empress skin and the Grock Castle Guard skin, where Aurora is like a queen protected by her knights in the castle.


Those are some pairs of mobile legend heroes who are happier than you singles. Even though Valentine is near and you still don't have a partner, trust me that you will probably find yours in the near future.

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