8 Ways to quickly increase website visitors

8 Ways to quickly increase website visitors

In the following, I will give some ways to quickly increase website visitors:

1. Make the Domain and Article Title SEO Friendly

If you are just starting out and don't have a domain yet, choose a domain that contains the right theme but is not too long. Try to use a well-known domain such as .com, .net, or .org.

2. Speed ​​Up Your Site Loading

For a website that has a lot of visitors, then make sure you use good hosting and there is never downtime, and your site template must be light when your page loads.

3. Install a visitor counter on your site

Besides we can find out the number of visitors, we can also write articles according to community demand. Because from Histats.com we can find out the top articles or articles that many of our site visitors are looking for.

4. Share your site's content on social media

Spread links on Fan Pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media at certain times. The trick is to look at the visitor statistics by category time or hour. The hour with the most visitors shows that at that time people used the internet a lot. So that when we spread posts containing links to articles on our site, we are not drowned by the statuses of FB, Twitter and other social media.

5. Install the required SEO Plugin

Here are the plugins that you must have:

All in one seo pack or Yoast


Simple Social Buttons


6. Register your site with the webmaster

Register your site on leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. This method is done so that our site is listed on search engines when users search for it.

Put the RSS Feed Burner on your site so that it makes it easier for visitors to subscribe to your articles and of course allows users to return to your site.

7. Create Backlinks

The trick is to visit high-traffic sites that match the theme of your blog and then give good comments and include your site's link to add backlinks. This is necessary because Google is looking for our articles using the network. The more url of our site on other people's sites, the easier our site will be found on the google search engine.

8. Expand Articles Without Copy Paste

Try to update articles every day on your site. But avoid copy and paste continuously without making changes. To be safer, make posts from your own experience so that your articles have an original impression of your own making.

This is my article about 8 Ways to increase website visitors quickly, I hope this article is useful for you readers


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