Casual hijab tutorials that match masks

Casual hijab tutorials that match masks

This is one of the casual style variations that you can try.

Wearing a mask for health is now mandatory. Although for hijabers, wearing a mask has its own challenges, especially if it is in the form of an earloop, which is hooked on the ear. For this reason, this time the All Things Hair team shared a casual hijab tutorial and inspiration for a hijab style that fits well with a mask to make it more comfortable and easy to wear.

This hijab tutorial is super simple and chic. What you need is a cloth with soft pashmina material.

Which one is your choice?

Hijab Pashmina.

If you have a large collection of pashmina at home, try to use it by following this casual hijab tutorial.

1 Use a Scrunchie.

Before tying the hair to be put on pashmina, you should use scrunchies so that your hair doesn't fall out. This scrubie can also be used to create a thicker hair effect.

2 Put on Pashmina.

Place the pashmina on top of the head and adjust its length so that the left is longer than the right. Well, if you wear an earloop-shaped mask, put it on at this stage, before we cover the neck with a hijab and pins.

3 Glue the Pashmina with Ciput.

Pin the pins to glue the pashmina with a squeeze on the chin so that the shape of the pashmina does not change.

4 Circle the Pashmina.

Bring the pashmina on the left side by looping it until the end of the fabric returns to the left.

5 Use a Pin.

Pin the pins on the back side of the head, the position of the hijab does not change. Trim back the inside of the hijab which is on the chest if it feels less.

If you use a mask in the form of a head loop or rope, you can attach it when the hijab is neat.

Hijab a la Malaysia.

A Malaysian-style brown hijab woman

Hijab a la Malaysia that is easy to match with a mask. (Photo: Shutterstock)

This hijab style can also make it easier for you to wear a mask in the form of an earloop or headloop. This style that is often found in Malaysian hijabers is also not difficult to wear. You only need a pashmina hijab or scarf with non-slippery material.

The Malaysian style casual hijab tutorial only takes two steps. First, wear the pashmina the same length on the head. Then, glue the hijab around the neck using a pin. Trim the dangling hijab strands, done! You just have to attach the mask by opening a little part of the hijab near the ear. Check out other long hijab tutorials that you can try!

In addition to choosing a suitable hijab style to keep it comfortable, also take care of your hair with a special hijab shampoo. Use Sunsilk Hijab Recharge Refresh & Hairfall Solution Shampoo which is formulated to help prevent hair loss and keep hair covered in hijab all day long.

Turban hijab.

Asian woman wears blue turban in casual style

Casual style with a simple turban. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Turban hijab can also make it easier for you to use a mask. But, we recommend wearing a simple turban hijab style like this. To get a simple and comfortable style, choose a non-slip hijab material like voile or paris.

You can see a tutorial on wearing a turban hijab here!

Hijab Instant Shirt.

Asian women wear the modern instant hijab

Modern instant hijab models that can be tried. (Photo: Silmia Putri)

Instant hijab is no less practical to match with a mask. Instant hijab has been specially designed so that it can be worn without the aid of pins or pins. Now, the most suitable instant hijabs to wear with masks are those made from stretch such as t-shirts or jerseys.

Especially when wearing earloop-shaped masks, we need to open a little part of the hijab in the ear area. Hijabs made from t-shirts tend to be flexible so they don't get damaged or shift in shape when we pull and put on the mask. No need for a practical hijab tutorial!

Turban Side Hijab.

Asian women wear yellow turban hijabs

A minimalist side turban hijab style. 

This turban hijab model can also be your choice. Turban with hijab strands dangling on one side is quite practical 

This turban hijab model can also be your choice. Turban with hijab strands dangling on one side is practical enough to be combined with a mask. You don't need to have trouble opening the hijab at the ear to put on a mask.

This casual hijab tutorial is quite easy! Choose a rectangular hijab, then fold it into a triangle. Attach it to the head, then glue the hijab on the back. Tie the hijab strands at the back like making a ponytail, then take the hijab strands that are dangling to the front. So please!

Hijab Without Needle Pins.

Wanta Asia wears a rectangular hijab without pins with glasses.

Rectangular hijab style without pins. (Photo: Natasha Estelle)

The hijab style without pins is also quite comfortable when paired with a mask. This hijab model consists of two layers, namely ciput ninja and square hijab. The stretched part of the ninja ciput is easy enough for us to open a little and hook the mask behind the ear. Hijab style is not easily damaged. Want to know this contemporary hijab tutorial?

Well, see this casual hijab tutorial in the following video!

Now, there is no need to be afraid of being complicated when you have to wear a hijab and a mask. Live the new normal by staying alert and following the health protocols recommended by the government!

Of the several hijab tutorials above, which one do you like the most?

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