Habib Rizieq Called by the Police, PA 212 Called Millions of People Will 'Make White' Polda Metro

Habib Rizieq Called by the Police, PA 212 Called Millions of People Will 'Make White' Polda Metro

JAKARTA - Polda Metro Jaya sent a summons to Habib Rizieq Shihab regarding the crowd at the Prophet's birthday and the wedding of his daughter on Jalan Petamburan, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

Novel Bamukmin, Deputy Secretary General of the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212, regretted the move by the Polda Metro to summon Habib Rizieq.

According to Novel, the summons would actually motivate the people to come to the Metro Police, because they wanted to accompany Habib Rizieq's examination.

"Because we realize it or not, calling HRS (Habib Rizieq Shihab) has automatically invited HRS lovers from all regions and that can whiten Polda Metro Jaya," Novel said when contacted by Okezone in Jakarta, Monday (30/11/2020).

Novel predicts, if Habib Rizieq attended the summons by Polda Metro Jaya, millions of people would also attend to escort.

"Millions of people will attend (accompany) and this is tantamount to the Kapolda inviting a grand reunion which is located at Polda Metro Jaya," he said.

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"Because this situation happened when IB (Grand Priest) was questioned at Polda Metro Jaya in a series of criminalization of ulama some time ago," added Novel.

Investigators from the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation at Polda Metro Jaya were intercepted when they were about to visit Rizieq's residence in Petamburan III, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta by dozens of members of the FPI and the Islamic Defenders Army (LPI). They only allowed three Bhayangkara Corps personnel to enter Rizieq's house.

Meanwhile, Head of the Sub-directorate for State Security, Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya, Adjunct Senior Commissioner for Police, Raindra Ramadhan Syah, said the summons had been received by the family.

Based on the data collected, Rizieq will be questioned at around 10:00 WIB in the morning on Tuesday 1 December 2020.

"Summons to Mr. Muhammad Rizieq Shihab have been given to the family," added Raindra.

The police also sent a summons to Habib Rizieq's son-in-law, M Hanif Alatas, next Tuesday. Habib Rizieq and his son-in-law will be questioned as witnesses. 


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