1,000 Visitors in One Month A Step by Step Guide to Getting Targeted Traffic


1,000 Visitors in One Month A Step by Step Guide to Getting Targeted Traffic

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Introduction and Helpful Reminders

(Skip ahead to Part 1 if you want to get right into the guide)

Targeted traffic is the life source for any business; without it you have barely any business or no business at all. Without targeted traffic the business ceases to exist. It’s not that you’re in the “wrong” niche or you don’t have enough traffic that some people don’t succeed- it’s that they don’t have targeted traffic coming to their site.

|Sidenote: You can have 5 targeted buyers coming to your site and that might be all the business you need for a week or even a month (if you’re offering high end services or products though). Afterall 5 targeted buyers in a month is better than a flood of 500 non buying, untargeted traffic in a day. | There are people right now searching for the very thing you are selling as a product or offering as a service.

They just need to find you.

This guide shows you how to get 1000 (or more) free targeted visitors in about a month in a relatively simple manner. By simple I mean the work required is less work than other methods to gain 1000 targeted visitors in one month. This is not a no work system or a push button system.

There's really no method that does not come with its fare share of work, thankfully this method requires less work than others and involves social bookmarking and/ or article marketing and/ or forum commenting. (This is not a comprehensive guide to all of those methods) It may seem like a lot of work for a beginner to Internet marketing but it's worth it. A couple hours a day will show results and after a while all that work will pay off and seem less like “work.”

Before you do any work you're going to have to outline a step by step plan for taking your site from zero visitors to one thousand visitors per month in 30 days. That's not a small task but once you get going you build up momentum, once you start taking action it’s hard to stop taking action. But you need to start out small and then go from there so you don’t try to do too much.

Though, this is not How To generate thousand general visitors. You don't want just anyone and everyone coming to your site. Untargeted visitors are not the most valuable to you as a business owner and in fact you want to even be selective about the type of people who visit your site as even sites that have mass appeal or not right for everyone.

You want targeted visitors and you want to get your targeted traffic flowing in the smartest and most simple way possible. Think about your customers. What problem do they have/ What solutions are they seeking? How much income do they make per year? How old are they? What are their interests? Start to think about your targeted visitors so you can work smarter not harder.

Anyone can do this and follow along with the outlined plan in this report (or your modified plan that suits your needs), but unfortunately few people take the necessary action to achieve getting those 1000 visitors per month (the common excuses pop up: it requires too much work, I'll do it later, etc...). How effective this will be is up to your action steps you take everyday.

It's been said before but very important to remember and understand this...

All traffic is not equal.

Here's why.

1,000 people coming to your website from your from you’re a targeted keyword search result is not the same as 1,000 people visiting your website from a traffic exchange or some other unrelated source.

Neither of those are the same as 1000 people coming to your website having searched for a solution to a problem they have and seeing your website or blog as the one that has the answer.

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic, and you should only rely on one, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Test everything and learn for yourself which kinds of traffic make them the best returns on your time and sometimes money.

Though, few people will argue that organic traffic from highly relevant search keywords can be beaten in terms of monetary return per visitor. While it may be true that traffic available through other sources like social media, buying various sources of media, and other forms of online advertising provide vastly greater volume of potential traffic than search engine traffic search traffic is still the best source of free targeted traffic.

More importantly, when your site is brand new, organic traffic is the most important type of traffic. It allows you to test your monetization method easily, and start seeing profits as quickly as possible.

For these reasons, traffic from search engines through article marketing and social bookmarking sites will be the main focus of this report. But before we do any of that we need to do some keyword research first.

Part 1: Keyword Research

If you're looking for a way to increase to your traffic within a short period of time the first thing you should do is focus on low competition keywords can increase your traffic as long as you submit articles to Ezine with your keywords throughout the article.

The great thing about article marketing and social bookmarking is that no matter what niche you're in, there are always a huge number of long tail keywords you can use to bring traffic to your site with some pretty basic search engine optimization techniques. First we need to perform some keyword research to find those long tail keywords that will bring in targeted visitors.

The best way to do keyword research is with the Adwords Keyword Tool:


Type in the main keyword for your niche. How do you find that keyword? If your niche is dog training, you'd enter not dog training but “stop dog barking” or “puppy house training” or some other bad behavior you’d want to eliminate or prevent when you have a dog. You want to type in long tail keywords as those are not only easier keywords to rank for but they also provided more targeted visitors to your product or service.

You'll get a long list of keywords related to these keywords. Your goal is to pick some keywords from this list so you can create some content around them and get easily ranked in the search engines.

You want to pick some words that have between 500 and 5,000 searches per month. These are guidelines and general rules of thumb- not absolutes. Feel free to target less or more searches per month.

Once you’ve picked a low competition keyword you think you wan to target click on the link at the top called “advertiser competition” twice, so it sorts that list with the less competitive keywords at the top and more competitive keywords at the bottom so you won't have to waste time filtering through competition rankings.

|Sidenote: There’s a bit of difference on the subject of doing keyword research with or without quotes and going after keywords with a low number of competing pages but my personal opinion is it doesn’t matter if there are 5,000 or 50,000 competing pages as we are trying for the first page and after the first 10 competing pages the issue of the other competing pages becomes irrelevant.|

Scroll through the column to see which keywords have the lowest competition and high levels of searches.

|Sidenote: we're not using the “competition” tab in Google to analyze real competition because this refers to pay per click advertiser competition. I’d advise against buying any Adwords if you’re inexperienced with doing that as using free SEO methods is the best way to get targeted visitors and the focus of this guide|

You'll notice during your research that some keywords under this tab seem to have more search volume than the others at that level of competition and should be researched more in depth.

The main goal is to find about 30 long tail keywords. 30 words that have between 500 and 5000 searches per month in the “average search volume” tab and that have relatively low number of competitors.

|Sidenote: If there are ads on the side of the search results for your keyword this is a good indication that people are buying within that niche or it has commercial value or potential|

If you're not finding any good keywords for your main keyword, you can choose one of the keywords from related keywords, and run a separate search on those. Just type them into the search bar, click the “advertiser competition” button.

Finally, if you're still not getting keywords your looking for or keywords that have a low search volume try the following:

Go to Google and type in your main keyword (don't use quotes when you type it in Google yet) Go through the search results for your desire keyword and copy the first couple of URL’s in the top positions. Go back to the Adwords Keyword Tool and paste the URL into the search box that says “website” instead of the “words or phrases” search box.

This will bring up keyword ideas based on the keywords that these sites are ranking for. You can also be sure that these sites are ranking well and getting targeted traffic Remember to sort by competition and find low competitive, high search volume keyword.

Once you've got a list of 30, you can perform the second part of your research. The second part of your keyword research should be focused on analyzing the search competition.

Part II: Analyzing Competition

Analyzing the competition is a critical step in this process and it doesn't involve typing your keywords into Google with quotes around them.

While the typical way of analyzing the competition of a particular keyword is to look at the number of competing pages, that method does not really give you any insight into how hard or easy it's going to be to rank for a particular term.

Many sites ranking for low competition keywords and high volume searches are actually very more optimized than some expect and the sites ranking in the first few position are going to be hard to beat.

(They can be beat with the right amount of SEO but that's for another report)

Other sites have a lot of pages that are poorly optimized and that you should be able to out rank these with just a couple of links.

Unfortunately, you can never really know how hard or easy it is to rank for a term until you've done it.

But that doesn't mean you have to make try to rank for the keyword yourself without testing it out first, after all you can do a lot of hard work for very little or no return.

There's a way to do a test run of your rankings. Here’s how.

Do a URL search like we did before with well ranking websites for our desired keyword and take note of other related keywords.

Now you can go to Google and do a search for these terms without quotations.

You should see within the search results articles published at Ezine Articles or Blogs ranking on the first page. This is a good sign if you’re trying to rank for this keyword as it indicates you are probably able to rank for that keyword also on the first or second page of Google.

|Sidenote: If you see sites like Blogs, Ezine Articles or Hubpages ranking for your keyword means you can publish an article at Ezinearticles.com, and assuming someone who also ranks for this keyword hasn't built any links to his article page at Ezine (which is rare but not impossible) you can out rank them eventually.|

The only thing that might be a factor of how easy or hard it is to outrank articles published at Ezine is the age of the article. Older articles are harder to outrank and newer articles are easier. (Remember before you start submitting articles off to Ezine put them on your site first. More on that later.) It also gives you a true indication of how competitive that keyword is. If an article at Ezine Articles can rank highly with no links, then when you have a piece of content on your site based on this term that you can build some great bacllinks to you're also get a front page ranking too.

Remember that there isn't any one perfect indication of competition, and like anything else there is no perfect method of how to judge competition– nothing is completely accurate when it comes to keyword ranking. Targeting keywords that show low competition are far more likely to bring you rankings and targeted traffic than traffic than using a method based on the number of pages.

As you do your research be on the lookout for:

1. Articles from Ezinearticles.com in the search rankings.

2. HubPages, Yahoo Answers and Twitter updates in the search rankings

3. Listings from any similar social sites like fourms, blogs and social boomarking sites, etc..

You'll find these kinds of pages appearing in the search results depending on how popular your niche is and whether or not it affiliate products (usually from Clickbank or Commission Junciton). Low competition keywords are very common among Clickbank affiliate marketers.

If you are involved in a less common niche, you can still go with the standard methods of analyzing competition but with an added twist.

Do a search for your keywords in quotations.

Try to get keywords with under 10,000 competing pages in Google. The less competition the better and easier it is for your to rank on the fist page. When you find the terms with less than 10,000 competing pages, be sure to check the front page for:

- Lots of sites that don't have the keyword in the URL.

- Low number of sites on pages from major authority sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, etc as these are hard to outrank.

You'll still come up with keywords that will get you to the 1,000 new visitors in days even if there are a few authority sites or sites with keywords in the URL.

By the end of this step you should have 30 low competition keywords that fit your criteria. If you already have that, you're ready to go and get those 1000 visitors.

You should be able to complete this part in one day or two at the most. Don’t spend too much time overanalyzing keywords or you’ll can fall victim to analysis paralysis and you won’t get anything done.

In the next part, we'll look at what to do with your keywords and how to use them to get those targeted visitors.

Part III: Article Marketing:

|Sidenote: This is going to be a quick section (or review for some) of article marketing basics. It is by no means a comprehensive part on article marketing but covers the basics. If you’d like to learn more about article marketing there are a lot of great threads on the subject over at the Warrior Fourm |

You’ve got your low competition keywords that will bring in targeted visitors, you’ve got your site ready for those visitors… now what?

The next step of action you need to take is to put those keywords in articles and send them off to Ezine Articles. (Remember- put your articles on your site first because when your site starts getting ranked in the search engines it will outrank your articles at Ezine)

For article marketing there are two main sites to that most marketers submit their articles to:

Ezine Articles: www.ezinearticles.com

Go Articles: www.goarticles.com

You’ll want to write articles that are around 500 words with a keyword in the title, in the body and in the author box. Do not place the keyword more than twice in the body of the article as that will come off as spam. Also, Ezine does not allow you place direct link to an affiliate product or a download page so link to a pre-sell website or your own blog.

A lot of people don’t like the process of writing articles. If you have difficulty writing articles and look at it more as a chore than a task outsource it or break up the article into a top 5 or ten style article so you can clearly lay it out in sections.

Make sure your article offer value to your readers or else you will experience a low click through rate in your bio box and Ezine may even reject your article which not only wastes your time but undermines all that hard work you did collecting those low competition keywords. Once you’ve gotten your articles written and submitted you can choose to do some social bookmarking as an added layer of link building and getting even more targeted traffic.

We’ll go over that in the next part.

Part VI: Social Bookmarking

For social marketing sites there are two main types:

First, there are sites, such as http://del.icio.us and http://ma.gnolia.us

These are also niche specific bookmarking sites where you give your submission a title, description and relevant tags. People can search for submissions by these tags to find your submission(s)

Then there are types of bookmarking site like http://digg.com , or http://www.propeller.com It may not seems like there is a difference between these sites but there is. Digg enable users to vote up their favorite submissions, and in Diggs case you can “unDigg” a submission if you don’t like the submission it or if it is spam. (Don't spam or this will happen to you)

|Sidenote: A word about Digg. I’ve had more success with tech or gaming related news tends to do better at sites like Digg and their user base is a bit younger than other bookmarking sites. Getting to the top page of a site like this can get you a lot of traffic. Sometimes thousands of visitors in a couple of days so be sure your site can handle that kind of traffic.|

From time to time its user base though is in flux so while one of the largest social bookmarking sites it’s best not to rely only on it. But it is not only greatly beneficial for visitors from Digg but also can improve your search engine ranking when you submit a link that appeals to the Digg community.

Traffic and exposure is always good. In general sites such as propeller and Digg will give you exposure. But we want targeted traffic if you have a submission that you think Diggers or users will like than it's fine to submit to the site. Just don’t try to mislead people just to get traffic or you'll find yourself with a lot of untargeted traffic and a lot of visitors who will blacklist your site or ignore it in the future.

|Sidenote: You need to be as specific as possible and make sure if you are monetizing your articles to have an offer as specific as possible to your topic. If your article for example is on Credit Cards, make sure you have a credit card offer on it.|

With that marketing digression of strategies and types of social bookmarking sites lets move on to how to get targeted visitors. There are so many different types of niche social bookmarking sites out there you would be surprised.

It isn't very practical to use them all. You should spend some time going through these sites (listed below) to find ones that are related to your niche and creating possible submissions that will add value to their visitors.

For example if you have a parenting site you can write an article on how to discourage bad behavior in young children. The smart thing to do would be to also find any specific social bookmarking sites related to parenting.

Also, remember have some good bookmarking etiquette by bookmarking or voting up others articles.

Webmasters and bloggers who don't follow the social bookmarking rules, those that spam bookmarking sites or artificially vote up their article will eventually get banned. The inability to use social bookmarking sites or article marketing sites would be a great loss to the savvy marketer as targeted traffic is critical to your success.

Following the rules and getting involved as a valued member of the community will not only bring you targeted traffic but will also provide long term benefits for you and your product or service. Only relevant content should be submitted to these sites and do not spam under any circumstances. It’s better to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Ethical marketing is more sustainable in the long run anyway ;)

The following list is far from a comprehensive list of niche related social bookmarking sites. I have not included general bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit as they were mentioned in the first few paragraphs.

The list is alphabetically sorted. This should be enough to get you started in your research and hopefully be enough to get you started with your one thousand visitors in a month:

  • AmPmInsure: Insurance information/help community
  • Agent B: A place to share great deals from across the Internet. Similar to Groupon
  • Autospies: for automobile news
  • ArmchiarGM: sports related content.
  • B-Boys: Hip Hop bookmarking site
  • Betamarker: beta software.
  • Bloodee: Horror Related site
  • Blogs 4 God: Religious stories and articles
  • Brew Poll: Beer Brewing Articles, Tips and News
  • bytemycode: for computer code snippets
  • Buzz Flash: Progressive News and commentary
  • Canadaka: Website for promote Canadian political issues
  • Care2 News Network: environmental issues, human rights, animal welfare groups and images
  • Catster: Submit, comment and rate cats. Also for dogs.
  • CC Hits: for creative common music
  • Citizenbay: For US local news, events, classifies and opinion using tags.
  • CrowdStorm: For shopping community with ability to recommend products
  • Culture Popp!: Pop culture
  • Daytipper: For tips on various niches.
  • Deal Comet: Deals and coupons
  • Dealgigg: Social bookmarking consumer bargain hunting
  • Dzone: Software and Internet development social media site
  • dealspl.us: Shopping and coupons
  • Dig a List: Web 2.0 related
  • DigStock: Financial news.
  • Dissect Medicine: Medical news
  • Diggers: by grou.ps, a wiki based digg with thumbshots and Ajax. Allows you synchronize with
  • del.icio.us, digg or reddit.
  • diggtrends: Digg's mirror and a complement to Digg.com
  • dzone: for developers resource.
  • Dogster: Submit, comment and rate dogs. Also for cats.
  • Edtags: Education.
  • eurogoal NEWS: European football (soccer in America) news
  • FLURL: For videos
  • folkd: Social network and bookmarks with voting and a news section
  • FWDiton: for humorous emails.
  • gibbity: Rate and review video games.
  • humdigg: news for/by the Indian community
  • Hypediss: For stories
  • I use This: Mac OS X Applications related
  • iJigg.com: music for web players.
  • imgppl: Photos
  • IndiaGram: focused on India.
  • iTalkNews: Submit, write, rate, comment, add related news and get paid
  • Jossle: For political media stories.
  • Jump it!: For Games, PSP, Hacks
  • Kaboodle: Social shopping network and community. If you have your own products this is a great place
  • to share them.
  • KicksHype: Sneakers and footware
  • Killer Startups: Reviews 15 internet startups per day. Ability to add comments and vote on
  • submissions.
  • Law Favorites : Legal content
  • I Like Totally Love It: A shopping social media site. Ability to add comments and pictures
  • Linkfilter: One of the original social bookmarking sites on the net
  • livelocker: for videos, music, and photos.
  • LiveVideo.com: video content
  • meme-stream: Funny and humorous links
  • memigo: Articles with no specific categories
  • MetaFilter Projects: Related to self-linking projects
  • MOG:(Millions of games) videogames
  • motorpulse: For cars built on Ruby on Rails.
  • muti: Similar to Reddit like for content of interest to South Africa
  • Netscape.com: Now has social bookmarking capabilities
  • NewsBump.net and NewsBump.co.uk: News related categories.
  • NewsCloud: News related with tags
  • Newsgrad: News.
  • Newsvine: News related
  • newsgarbage: Tech news
  • oKs!: General social bookmarking
  • OOZM: Social bookmarking search engine
  • Pickstation: for music and podcasts
  • picli: creative and artistic content
  • Pikapet: Dog, cats and other domestic pets.
  • Pixelmo: Video game related
  • Plime: An aggragator wiki
  • PlugIM: an internet marketing community where one can share and read tips and ideas.
  • Pixel Groovy: Directory of web design tutorials
  • PodcastAlley: For funny podcasts.
  • Protolize: Submit, review and rate various web-tools
  • Pop Current: Categories by type or file format, Music, Talk, Video, Books
  • qoolsqool: for educators and students
  • Quadriot: Funny, strange stories
  • Questionville: Voting up the answers, similar to Yahoo Answers
  • Reddit: Digg competitor.
  • RealEstateVoices: Real estate related.
  • Riffs: For different or unique images.
  • Scooop.net: Similar to Digg
  • Shoutwire: Similar to Digg
  • Small Business Brief: Small Business news.
  • SlideShare: Share and view videos, slideshows, Power Point presentations
  • Sliider: for submitting and voting photos directly (no links)
  • Sperocite: for news stories
  • SpinSpy: Digg-style for any link
  • Sphinn: Internet marketing news and discussion forum. Submit IM tips and articles
  • SportsBlink: Sports. Related content
  • StyleHive: Anything related to style and fashion can be submitted here.
  • TalkSoccer: Soccer content
  • Tree Hugger: One of the major social media's site/ blog for green living
  • The Best Stuff In The World: Various categories
  • TheSixtyOne: A submission site for music lovers
  • Techtagg: Multiple submission categories
  • Tendango: Tech related community
  • Travelscoop: New Zealand Travel and flight deals
  • trendi: Fashion news
  • Tribalwar: for gaming news.
  • Tweako: A social media network specializing in computers, and the latest and the Internet.
  • UrbanDictionary : Slang and coined phrases community with ability to add new entries and make
  • comments on existing ones
  • Uvouch.com: For general links and videos
  • Value Investing News: Investment related
  • VCNewsCentral: Venture capital and internet start-up related
  • Video Bomb: Digg for videos.
  • Wizag: For blog feeds
  • Web Feeds Add links and videos.
  • Wikio: News related
  • Wobblog: for blogs and other open source material

Finally, a word about procrastinate and in-action. If you don’t take action nothing will get done, no action no results. And don’t be worried about making mistakes either, how else will you learn if you don’t make mistakes? For more about this topic visit this thread over at the Warrior Fourm There you have, it a step by step plan for achieving 1,000 visitors or more in a month. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at radhyantz@gmail.com or at the Warrior Fourm.

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