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Breaking free of your alcohol addiction


Breaking free of your alcohol addiction

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At some point, drink with friends becomes more than social events. You find that you don't even go with a group unless they plan to drink. You have fooled yourself to believe that when you drink alcohol, you are more fun and you are more friendly.

What your friends talk about is how outrageous you behave and how you will say something to anyone. They laugh at you, not with you. When you realize, you regret what you say or do.

You also run a credit card purchase for everyone and you lose too much money hung to go to work the next day. No matter how tired you listen to your family or friends tell you that you have alcohol problems, in your drunken moments, you know that drinking takes over your life.

People tell you to go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but you don't think you're like "those people." The truth is, you are exactly where "those people" when they realize that they are helplessly on alcohol and start doing something about it.

Alcohol is available at a 24-hour convenience store and at the club every night. It's legitimate to buy if you are old, so you can get it anytime the push breaks down. Alcohol perpetrators often argue that they cannot be alcoholic because they drink beer or wine, not liquor.

Beer and wines can contain lower alcohol percentages than liquor, but if you drink enough, you get the same results. It's part of fraud - beer drinks are famous for boasting that they can drop six packs of cans tall and hardly pay attention to it.

Chemically, alcohol is depressant - so you can swing from a hanging lamp during a party, but then you will hit despair later. Then you get another drink to stop feeling very bad, and the cycle repeats.

Alcohol Abuse Every day leads to an assessment disorder, reducing coordination, aggression, and often fuel that ends in household violence or child abuse. The physical impact sinking the body with alcohol including nausea, disturbing digestion, sleep disorders and finally liver and brain cell damage.

Out of alcohol addiction is a complicated and painful process. Medical supervision is the best way to deal with withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, seizures and hallucinations. After the withdrawal period is complete, the process of rebuilding the body and behavior begins. Nutritional changes are very important to deal with damage caused by alcohol abuse.

Some useful drug interventions. Antabuse is the first drug of its kind to prevent the body from breaking down alcohol, so drink while taking this drug causing extreme physical discomfort. Another promising drug is Topiramate (Topomax), which helps alcoholic addicts reduce the amount they drink or eliminate drinking at all.

Breaking free of alcoholism requires adjustment of the main attitude to support behavioral changes. Alcoholic of the anonymous and al-Anon family group is available in most of each community for sustainable support from alcohol and family. Other recovery groups and individual psychotherapy can better deal with alcohol addiction. 

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