6 Ways to get money from blogs besides placing adsense ads


6 Ways to get money from blogs besides placing adsense ads

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- Writing is one of the hobbies that a person often answers or chooses when asked about what hobbies or activities they often and enjoy doing. The reason is, by writing, a person not only produces scribbles or small notes but is also able to produce works, whether in the form of informative writing or entertainment. Along with the development of the times, people who like to write are no longer using paper as a writing medium, but have started using websites such as blogs to write and publish their writings so that they can be read by many people from all over the world.

Talking about blogs, this platform is indeed widely known as a place for writers to share all information and thoughts. Blogs are now a platform that is private and has broad and open access. That is why the articles on the Altairgate.com blog often get visits from other blog readers who come from outside countries.

In the past, blogs were only used as a place to write information and share opinions, but now their presence is also used as a means to earn additional money. Hey, who doesn't know that blogs can make money?

Yes, in fact, those of you who have a blog and always regularly create written content for publication can get money from that blog. Especially if visitors from your blog reach hundreds to thousands of people from all over the world. Now, talking more about how to get money from blogs, one of the ways that is often used or seen in the appearance of the blog is by placing adsense ads. Ads that are usually posted on blogs are very diverse, ranging from advertisements for beauty products, cellular card products or mobile phones, and so on.

However, apart from placing adsense ads, in fact you can still get money from your blog. Because, at this time there have been many other ways that can be applied in blogs and are proven to be able to make money. Well, for those of you who have an active blog, but haven't gotten any income and don't know how to get money, let's get close for a moment. The reason is, below there will be a complete review of 6 ways to get money from blogs besides placing adsense ads that you can apply easily!

How to get money from blogs

1. Sponsored Content

Entering as the first way to earn money from blogs is to implement Sponsored Content techniques or better known as endorsements. Yes, in fact Endorsment can not only be applied to social media such as Twitter or Instagram, but also for blogs.

If you do have an active blog with a fairly large number of visitors, then you can offer cooperation to business owners in the fields of food, clothing products, and so on. The form of cooperation carried out is by unboxing and also reviewing products from the business. Usually, for the beginning of a collaboration, the writing that is made will be paid for with the product of the brand or business, but there are times when the payment is in cash.

2. Selling goods

The second way that you can do as an active blog owner in order to earn income is by selling goods or products ranging from beauty products, culinary products, to fashion products. Of course, you have to do the sale of this item by writing soft selling by first looking at the needs of the reader and not forgetting to highlight the advantages of the product being sold.

Don't have capital? Quiet! Because, you can still sell products through this blog even though you don't have a large enough capital. The trick is to implement a pre-order system in the process of ordering products or goods. The most important thing if you want to implement selling goods to make money is to continue to ensure that the products sold are of good quality so that later people who buy are not disappointed and instead promote back to other parties.

3. Participating in competitions

Do you actively fill your blog with various types of writing, from poetry, short stories or cerbung, inspirational stories to informative writing? If so, then you can take advantage of this by participating in writing competitions that are spread across various media platforms, including Twitter to Instagram.

Yes, participating in competitions is one way you can get money from blogs, but on the condition that you have to be the winner. Various themes or topics can be selected and adjusted to your ability in writing, of course. No need for capital other than writing skills, and of course the prizes that can be obtained vary from cash in the hundreds to millions of rupiah to certain goods or products.

4. Affiliate Marketing Program

The next way you can do to make money from blogs is by joining and implementing an affiliate marketing program. Usually when you join this affiliate program, you will get various product sales links that can be placed in the posts made on the blog. Of course, one article on this blog can include several product sales links.

Later, if readers click the product sales link and buy it, then you will get a commission or fee. Well, the fees or fees that you get vary according to the value of the product, some ranging from 20% to the highest 75% of the product price.

5. Offering Services

Entering the fifth way to get money from blogs besides placing google adsense ads is by offering services. This fifth method is almost the same as the number two method, namely selling products or goods. If you do have special skills or abilities, such as cellphone service, electronic services, vegetable and fruit seed shopping services, assignment jockeys or typing services, to graphic design services, then you can sell or offer them through writing on the blog.

Of course, in the process of offering this product, you are asked to be honest and not lie about the capabilities offered. Make various writings that describe yourself and your abilities, so that later people who will use these services believe because they already have a lot of evidence or a working portfolio.

6. Become a Webinar Resource Person

In times of a pandemic like today, direct seminar organizers have begun to switch to online seminars or better known as webinars. Well, for those of you who really understand one type of field such as finance and investment, then you can disseminate this information through writing in blogs.

Later, if your writings are credible and appear to really understand the field, you may be invited by the organizers or business brands that will invite cooperation by making you a resource in this webinar or online seminar. If you are a frequent resource person, you can also organize your own webinar and invite blog readers to participate in the webinar and of course each participant will pay the fees listed.

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