Make money from one page reports

More than 6 years ago I wrote two reports. I still sell those reports for £1 each time, and since then I have written many reports that have made significant profits.

A "one page report" is very easy to create and is great because it is easy to sell for more than 10 times the cost of making it. They are also a good base for selling larger, more expensive items. Another attraction they have is that they can be packaged together and sold as "packaged deals", giving you a single sale or multiple sales options at the same time.

If you only receive one reply, it's hard to pay for an ad when you're only spending £2 on that ad. Understanding how mail-orders can be profitable doesn't require a complete understanding of the possible replies.


For example, say you sell one report with three postage stamps to pay for your product, and use additional sales brochures to include in the report and the rest for your advertising. We ship the product, and hopefully the customer is happy with what he or she receives. They look at the flyer and if it's good, order more stuff. However, this time you can spend £5, £10 or more.

Now you need to reply once every five times for £10 at a time to cover the cost of five ads. The second order can then continue to produce third, fourth, and more orders. Every order is profit. So it looks like you are not making money from advertising at first, but you can make a lot of money on a regular basis.

Larger orders can also come from reports. A collection of 30 reports for just £10 of duplication rights sounds great. You can list reports and sell them in groups of 4 for £1.50 or all 30 for £10. This will get you some small sales and some big ones. If you copy photos yourself, or if you can copy sheets at 5p, then 4 reports will only cost you up to 20p. Your profit is £1.30 for 4 sets or £8.50 for all 30s. To save on shipping costs, you can copy both sides onto slightly thicker A4 100gsm paper.

If you have the facility, you can sell it even cheaper and still make as much profit as possible. Reduce it to A5, put four on a double-sided A4 sheet, and sell all 30 for about £7. You'll make more sales and a profit of around £6.50 on each sale.

When creating a flyer to sell it, be sure to include all the names of the reports. This is very impressive. The typesetting and pamphlet printing are truly your "silent sellers" and worth considering.

Of course, many are sold under copyright, so you don't have to write your own report. However, if you make it yourself, you can own the copyright and sell it for years like me.

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