Lesti Kejora wears braces to get rid of gingsul, this is Rizky Billar's reaction

Lesti Kejora wears braces to get rid of gingsul, this is Rizky Billar's reaction

Lesti Kejora wears braces to get rid of gingsul, this is Rizky Billar's reaction

The dancer Lesti Kejora is becoming an increasingly famous artist. Along with her increasing popularity, Lesti Kejora's appearance is changing day by day. 

Lesti Kejora, lately looks more beautiful. Recently, Lesti also decided to wear braces or braces to straighten her teeth. 

In fact, all this time, Lesti's appearance has never been separated from the gingsul teeth that have become her trademark. 

Lesti wore stirrups because she wanted to straighten her gingsul teeth. So, what are Rizky Billar's comments regarding Lesti's decision. 

Here's the explanation. In a video uploaded to the Cumicumi YouTube channel, Lesti explained her decision to wear braces. 

What is the reason? Check out the following page. "Dede decided to go up and down (put the stirrups), because coincidentally, Dede is also now fat. 

So it can help a little, maybe the Dede diet process (with braces)," said Lesti Kejora, 

quoted by VIVA, Tuesday, December 15, 2020. "Put it back (teeth). 

Actually, it's not really giddy, if it's crooked, it should be at the top, this isn't it, isn't it. 

It's just that his teeth are reversed, Dede wants to turn them back so that they are even," he added. 

Apparently, Lesti's decision to wear the stirrup received comments from Rizky Billar. 

Yes, Rizky is reportedly in a close relationship with Lesti. Rizky explained that Lesti did not feel comfortable with her gingsul teeth. 

How did Billar react to Lesti's decision? 

"Perhaps many people think 'unfortunately, Dede, you can't see the gingsul', actually it's not a gingsul, it's canines. 

He did feel uncomfortable with his canines. Though maybe that's his attraction loh. Dede started to put braces on," said Rizky Billar. 

Furthermore, Rizky seems to really appreciate Lesti's decision to wear braces. 

"I also didn't know at first that suddenly he had braces on, that's okay, that's his right too, his will, I can't prohibit it either," said Rizky. 

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