The secret of cutting printing costs

The secret of cutting printing costs

Please use the mail order printer. Because of the low printer overhead, ordering prints by email is usually less expensive. Answer ads for order publication by mail and compare prices. Always ask for samples.

Please order in bulk. Before the printer does your job, it must take a ready-made copy of the camera and create a printing plate. This is required when ordering 1, 100 or even 100,000 copies and is included in the base price.

Avoid 2-color and 3-color print jobs. If your materials do a good job of printing with two or three colors of ink, they will probably work as well as those printed with black ink alone. The printer is set to print with black ink. When you order a job that is printed in a different color, there is usually an additional charge for cleaning the press.

The secret of cutting printing costs

Avoid abandoning primary sources that require the direct purchase of sales materials. In general, their products don't sell well, but they make money from printed circulars, envelopes, etc. which you are forced to buy from them at a very high price. Honest dealers let you order prints wherever you like.

Print both sides of the sheet. The base price includes the cost of the paper required for the job, so you can save money by printing on both sides of the page. It also reduces shipping costs.

Please send a perfect camera compatible copy. If he asks the printer to change the original, he will charge extra. Similarly, avoid large "reversals" (solid black lines). With large inversions and often a 25% surcharge, it's hard to get good ink coverage on any printer. A well-designed sales department doesn't have to rely on the opposite for attention.

Use standard paper sizes. Press adjustments are required to order printing on unusual paper sizes or types. This increases printing costs.

Order photo reduction. Standard typewriter copies can be reduced by 23% to 33%, but are easier to read. If your sales message displays as 1.25 to 1.3 pages, you can shrink it to fit a regular A4 sheet to save on printing. The printer does this for a small fee.

Avoid duplication. If you keep accurate records, you can reduce printing costs simply by avoiding sending the same material to the same customer over and over again.

"Cut copy". If the message is handwritten or typed and appears on several A4 pages, try rewriting the copy and removing unwanted words. That way, printing costs are low.

Avoid printer "convenience services". The printer's basic job is printing, but many also perform other services such as collating, folding, and stapling. Doing these simple tasks yourself can save a lot of money on printing.

Make a deal. For some small local printers, discounts may apply if you promise to use them only for all your printing needs. 

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