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I was looking in the pantry last week, trying to figure out something to make, but then fell into the same old, same old routine.
I'm sure I'm not the only one, I cycle a lot of the same dishes over and over and over.

In my case, it's Mexican inspired meals.

We do like our Mexican food.    From Taco's to Enchilada's to Chile Verde and even the Acapulco Chicken I'm making tonight.

These are our no-brainer, anytime is a good time, meals.

Last week we had Chile Relleno's one meal, I pulled some Chile Verde out of the freezer, and we also had some Chicken Enchiladas.

However I couldn't make most of the dishes without a well stocked pantry.

And I have that now.

I didn't get carried away much while we were on a recent trip, but I did stock up on stuff we cannot get here.  And believe me, I've tried to get the right stuff locally, but haven't been able to.

Since we were out west, I stocked up.  
Just a little.

I bought Taco Sauce, we happen to like this brand.  La Victoria Taco Sauce in Medium.   I can get the mild version here, but then I have to doctor it a little, and while I don't mind the doctoring part, I really prefer to just be able to use it straight.   And, I just realized, I've never shared how I make my Taco's, so I think that I will as soon as I can get the 'right' kind of corn tortillas.  sigh.
It's a challenge living on the Redneck Riviera sometimes...

Rosarita Enchilada Sauce, although La Victoria also makes a great Enchilada sauce as well, I just couldn't find any that day.    I also have to have some Stokes Green Chile Sauce, otherwise my Chile Verde just doesn't taste quite right. 
as well as Whole Green Chiles and Tomatillo's. 
And believe you me, I've been having fun with them.

I don't think I got carried away at all, not one little bit. 

For tonight I'm going to make some Acapulco Chicken.   It's been marinating since yesterday and all I need to make is some Pico de Gallo, and we're good to go.  

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