Carne Asada Burritos

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We now have a Trader Joe's just up the road from us.

Well, it's more like 60+ miles up the road, but still...

We finally have a Trader Joe's in our area, and I got so excited when they opened and made sure that during my visits to the 'big' city I got to go there and shop.   I loved the store when I lived in California, and their selection and prices were great then.  Actually their selection of fun foods got me into trouble on more than one occasion.  I'd go there and buy stuff and get carried away.  And when you live in an RV, you have to be careful of how much food stuff's you buy at any one time.  Especially the frozen stuff.  sigh. 

So where am I going with this, other than plugging the store?  They have Tri-tips there and we love Tri-tips, in fact I think I prefer them over most other cuts of meat.   But the last time I was in the store, I spotted a package of Carne Asada in with the Tri-tips, and bought it.

I usually don't buy marinated meat, it just doesn't taste good to me, but my mouth started watering when I saw the package, so I gave in and purchased it.

That mouth is so spoiled, I tell ya.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I found the meat in the freezer again, so decided to pull it out and cook it.

Boy am I glad I did.

For starters, I took the meat out of the package and put it in a strainer, just to let the blood drain away. 
I then got the cast iron skillet out and seared the meat on each side.  If you have a BBQ grill, do it that way, but I don't have one.  If I BBQ here, the bears would just steal the grill, so it's easier to keep it all inside.

I then put the meat into a 475 degree oven, and let it cook for a couple of minutes.  I wanted the meat medium rare to medium before I sliced it.

You slice the meat very thinly and then chop it a little for Carne Asada as the meat is usually a skirt steak and tough, but the flavour, well, let me just say, I had it for lunch a couple of days running and was so glad for the leftovers.

I had made a Pico de Gallo

to serve with it, and also sauteed up some green peppers and mushrooms.   It was such a good meal.    
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