Chicken Quesadilla's

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It's been a long time since I've made Chicken Quesadilla's, and I don't know why I haven't made them for so long, apart from the fact that green peppers don't go on sale here or something else came up when I was getting ready to make them or ...

But I remedied that the other day.   Green peppers were on sale and I picked a few up.   I wanted one for the Chicken Quesadilla's and I'm saving the others for making some stuffed peppers in a few days.  And I'm also going to chop one of them up and put in the freezer. 

Gee, you think I'm too obsessed with having stuff in the freezer, ready to pull out and make a meal of?  Nah, I just like being able to get dinner on the table, fast, when I need to. 

To start with, I pulled some cooked chicken breasts out of the freezer, I'd made some a few days ago,  let them thaw halfway while I was chopping the onions and green peppers.  

Side note here, I always have cooked chicken in my freezer.  I use it in so many dishes, from Chicken Pot Pie to Chicken Quesadilla's to Jambalaya, pretty much every recipe that calls for cooked chicken.   And since I don't buy rotisserie chickens very often, just having the cooked chicken in the freezer is a good thing.  Handy too. And if you do it Ina Garten's way, it is really good.   I'll share that technique soon. 

I then shredded some cheese.   I've really gotten hooked on Colby Jack cheese.  It combines the best of both worlds.  The luscious melt of a Monterey Jack cheese and the nuttiness and flavour of a Cheddar, well, Colby cheese.  

Sauteed the peppers and onions til they were just soft, then added the chicken and heated it through.  Decided that I wanted a little more heat, so I added a couple of jalapeno halves, I'd minced up.   I pulled them out of the freezer as well.    Again, there are some things I always have in the freezer, and Jalapeno's are one of my must haves.  

Now, here's the difficult part...

Just kidding. 

Place a nice skillet on the stove and heat it on medium low.   Place a tortilla into the pan,

add some of the cheese,

 and some of the chopped up chicken and veggies.

  Let heat through and then fold over.

  Add another tortilla to the pan, and fill with some of the cheese and the chicken and veggies.  

Let them heat until the cheese is melted, then turn over and let brown a little on both sides.

When they are browned and the cheese is oozing out and you can't wait any longer, take them out of the pan and chop into thirds.  Serve with a little salsa and some sour cream if you like. 

This is such a quick, easy, yummy dinner.  You can have dinner on the table in minutes, and then go and relax.   Which is a good thing.  
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