Community Potluck for January

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I'm still feeling stuffed.

We had our Community Potluck this past week and I'm now getting around to telling you about the dishes that were brought and shared.

The Community Potluck has kinda morphed from the old Boat Club potluck, which was an ongoing event, the second Monday of every month.  The hosts of the previous Boat Club potluck stepped down after hosting it for many years.  Then Harriett Beach stepped into the gap and re-instituted it, and we started meeting at the Lanark Boat Club, and it was great.  Harriett passed away last year, but we've kept up the potluck she started up again, now we have different hosts each month. She thought it would be easier to do it that way, and so far it's worked great.  Not one person gets burned out, and we can keep on meeting.
I do want to do a shout out to the Lanark Boat Club, and thank them for letting us use their facility.  

I was the host for this month, and we've now got people signed up for the next few months.   This area is amazing I tell you.

There are some incredible cooks here, and they are more than generous in sharing during potluck gatherings.
I mean it, and when we have potlucks here you just never know what people will bring either.  There's always a variety of foods, and it's always good.

So without further ado, cause I know you're tired of reading, I'm going to start with the appetizer or nibbles portion, the pictures that is:
Cheese, crackers and Sausage are always a hit. 
Fish Dip is a favorite down here.  This was a mullet dip

 Chips with all the fixin's - Cheese sauce, Salsa and Pico de Gallo
I did say that fish dips and spreads are big down here. This was a smoked salmon spread

Now we come to the sides:
Pasta salad

Broccoli stuffed Balls- delish
The entrees:
Upside down Pizza
Turkey, and I didn't get a shot of the gravy which was presented in a little teapot, perfect
Clam chowder
Chicken with fresh broccolini in it
Sausage and sauerkraut
The requisite pineapple, with the Santa toothpick holder

Fruit cake made with orange slices
Turtle Pie
Chocolate cake made with beets
I brought a Bread pudding to the party with some custard sauce.  I'll share how I made it next week.
I only had a lonely, little spoonful leftover which I hurried up and kept for my breakfast the next day.

So there you have it, another successful potluck, with oodles of great food.

This is one of the best things about living in our area, the great cooks and their generosity in sharing their dishes with us every month. 

It's time for me to start thinking about what I want to make next month.  I usually figure it out the day of, but it never hurts to think ahead a little.

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