First Monday Favorites from February 2020

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It's time for First Monday Favorites.    Here is where I ask fellow bloggers to share their favorite recipe from the previous month.  Their own personal favorite. 

Here's mine.  I had two recipes this month that wanted first place, so I actually had to flip a coin to pick it, but my Créme Fräiche recipe won the toss.   And rightly so, cause it's going to be one I make a lot of. 
I've now made it twice in one week, which really isn't that excessive. 

At least I don't think so. 

I do want share that the other side of the coin was my Bacon Jam. But the jam isn't something I'm going to make often, it'll be more of a special occasion dish.

A few years ago, I belonged to a group of bloggers called the Secret Recipe Club.  There were so many of us, that we were divided into four groups and once a month we were assigned another food blog to find and make a recipe from.  We then posted the recipe we choose on our blog on a Monday.  We all had different Mondays to post on. 

As time went by many bloggers opted out, and then the club was dissolved.   I got a lot of great recipes, and got to know some of the other bloggers.

Well, I missed seeing the posts every Monday, from different bloggers and decided to do my own
reveal, once a month, asking other bloggers to share their favorite recipe from the previous month. 

I call it First Monday Favorites and it's live the first Monday of every month.

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