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I'm a little late here but thought I would throw a few ideas for Game Day your way.
 You know it's coming up, right?

Sunday, Feb. 7, the day of the great and wonderful commercials, not to mention a half time show that can sometimes be very entertaining as well.

But in between the commercials, you need to nosh a little.   So here are a few ideas.

I'm working on a couple more Wing ideas, and when I get them right, I'll share, but in the meantime here are a few of my favorites.

I'm just going to wing it here...

Sweet Wings#1

Sweet and Spicy Wings #2 

Raspberry Chipotle Wings#3

Sweet and Spicy Wings #4

Sticky Wings #5 with Crosse and Blackwell Chutney

Sticky Wings #6 Apricot ChickenWings

Did I make you hungry for Wings?
Well, maybe not you, but I'm thinking I'm need to go to the grocery store and pick a few packages up for Sunday.

I should add a postscript here.  If you're not too fond of gnawing on bones, you can always make my Hot Buffalo Bites  .
 These are just boneless bites of deliciousness.

But if you're not real big on wings, check out these other ideas:
Tailgating Ideas Part two
Tailgating Part Three
Tailgating Part Four
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