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I was looking for something in my little chest freezer today, and decided that since I had my head stuck inside it anyway, I would go ahead and see just what treasures I could unearth.

I found some interesting things, and was very pleasantly surprised that I only had one item in there that dated back to 2012.   It is now residing in the garbage can. 

Of course there were also some mystery bags, how long they'd been in there, who knows.  And while I think I know what they are, I'm not too sure, really. 

They didn't tell me.  And they will be residing in the garbage tomorrow.

I did do a clean out of the fridge freezer a few weeks ago, or was that months?  And ended up with a big old pot of Stone Soup.  

OK, so it was last May.  sheesh. 

I also quite happy to find and unearth lots of butter.  I hadn't realized just how much I'd bought when it was on sale.  And so long as it's frozen and double wrapped, it will keep for a little while, or until I decide I want to bake again.

Which might be as soon as next week.

I found lots of chicken stock, sigh...

I think I see chicken soup in my near future as it's labeled Dec. of 2013, and I think I need to use it or lose it.

And there's a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which is a good thing.   I also found a roast, which I cooked up for dinner, and will never buy that kind again, cause I had trouble carving it.  Sirloin tip roasts are not fun, the grain goes every which way, and, well, let me just say, my dog enjoyed the big ol' chunk of gristle that was in the middle. sigh

And now I know what's in there, I even made a list, and will try to keep it updated as to what I pull out and what I put in.

That's my New Year Resolution, keep the freezer organized.  Which will last approximately as long as I remember to do so. 

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