Pancake Day Roundup

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Can you believe it's already the day before Lent?   Which means it's Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.

A few years back we were full timing it in an RV and one of our neighbors hosted a Pancake get-together.   We all brought pancakes and had a great dinner.   There were so many varieties of pancakes,  most were the typical kind, but I made and brought Æbleskiver, which are little balls of pancake goodness.  Most of the people there had never had them, but they disappeared in short order.

So I thought I'd share a couple of few pancake recipes today.

Not only for the  Æbleskiver,  and you do need a special pan to make them in, but also for a couple of other versions of pancakes I've made.

A couple of years ago I made some Rice Flour Crepes, and I have to say they were really good, and I've repeated them a couple of times.  They taste great and are gluten free as well.

I do love making Crepes, and I made some for a Tapas Night once.  I love Crepes, because you can make them as a sweet or put a savory filling inside, and you have a totally different meal.

There was also the time I made some Buckwheat Pancakes, I'd been playing with a Blini recipe and I'm still playing with it, have not got it right yet.  But, I will persevere. 

And finally, the Dutch Baby Pancake I made recently. Actually it's not finally, cause I do want share one last pancake.

I made some Leek Pancakes one Tapas Night, they were surprisingly tasty, and since they were made with Kamut Flour, they were also gluten free.   

I just made myself hungry.  Which is kinda surprising, cause it was our monthly Boat Club last night and I should still be full from that.

I'll tell you all about that tomorrow, but for now the kitchen is calling.

I just can't tell if it's saying Crepes or Dutch Baby,  but I"m checking it out.  


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