Tapas for March

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Can I just say this has been a crazy week? 

This was one of those weeks I'd like to take a week to recover from.

Not that it was bad, in fact parts of it were good.  

This month Tapas was hosted by friends, Caroline and Peter.  They opened up their gorgeous home and hosted Tapas.

As I said this past week was nuts.  
In fact Saturday was crazy busy. 
Let me tell you about my day.  I'd promised weeks ago to make bread for our local library's Bread, Books and Soup Sale.  They do this once a year to raise money.
No problem, I thought.  I'll just throw a couple of baguettes together.
Then I realized I'd also promised to make a Dumbo cake for a baby shower, the same day.  OK, no problem. 
And then there was Tapas that night. 
I changed up my plans a little, instead of making baguettes, I made two loaves of my No-Knead bread.   They always sell well.  And they did.
I'd also started the shower cake earlier in the week, so it was just a case of putting it together and bringing it to the shower.  (I'll detail how and what I did in a later post).
I also had a bit of a quandry, I wanted to make something for Tapas but didn't have time to make anything elaborate, so I made some Kringle

Now that you've waded through the verbosity, I have to say I also forgot to bring my camera to the party, and ended up taking pictures with my phone. 
Please pardon the poor quality. 
We had wings and there were dipping sauces as well.
 A lovely quiche, some goat cheese and crackers
 Clockwise.  Stuffed Shells, Grape Salad, Carrot Salad and Quiche.
 A sausage and bean soup
 served over basmati rice

and the desserts - fair warning I didn't get a picture of all of them. 
A pecan cake
 I believe this was a German Chocolate cake
another loaf cake
 A sheet pan cake- I believe it was a lemon cake
 I made some Kringles.
We also had Santa and his pineapple but my phone battery was low and I didn't get any more pictures.
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