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I might have mentioned this, at least once, maybe twice?
I love to bake cakes, from scratch, and I get to indulge myself every couple of weeks.  I bake and donate a cake to our local Legion for their cake raffle.
Not only do I get to bake, but I love to try out new recipes and share them.  I've actually not had any real fails either, some of the cakes might not have looked as pretty as they could have, but they always tasted good.
I was so honored when a friend asked me to bake a wedding cake for her daughter recently.    I of course said, I'd love to.
I came up with a sketch, showed it to Pat and she approved it.

Then I spent many sleepless hours figuring out the mechanics of it, talked to my SIL who is a master cake decorator, and she was more than generous in her advice and tips.
And here it is.
  And the top, two joined hearts and the bride and groom's initials.

I found out just how much work is involved, and how much butter was needed.  I baked three full chocolate cake recipes, my own Three Way Chocolate Cake, made three batches of frosting,
including one for the filling, and a good half pound of chocolate for the hearts.
My Kitchenaid did a wonderful job, never flagged once, and I'm still finding chocolate frosting in crevices, thanks to one little adventure.  sigh.
I learned that using a level was a good thing

and doing a crumb coat is a must

while it's resting, you can make decorations

everything needs support, there are cardboard separators in between the layers resting on these dowels. 

letting it rest from its strenuous activity is necessary (thanks to a good friend who let me use her fridge for the resting part).

assembling it on site

And finally feeling so privileged to be part of a special day.

Thanks Pat.

The bride and groom took home the top layer, hopefully they'll leave it alone until their one year anniversary, but I'm willing to bet that the chocolate hearts got eaten right away.
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