Vermicelli ala Sid

I had some of that tapenade left from the other day and was craving some pasta, when a friend dropped off some seriously ripe tomato's, fresh off the vine.    Well, what would you do?   I chopped up the tomato, some garlic,

cooked up some vermicelli, threw them all into a pan with a generous dollop of olive oil, and did a quick saute.

Threw on some shredded parmagiano I had in the fridge.

Then I dumped it into a bowl,

added a tablespoon of the Tapenade and stirred it up.     And here it is, my lunch yesterday, and I gotta say, for a little teeny bit of effort, it sure was tasty.

And wanted to add, if you're looking for a recipe I previously posted as Sea Palm Treasures, you can go here to find them    Sea Palm Treasures
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