6 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Touchscreen Safe

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6 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Touchscreen Safe

Today, it takes a lot to break and damage smartphones touchscreen as they come with the toughest and most scratch-resistant panels especially those phones with Corning Gorilla Glass. But other phones comes only with generic LED or LCD displays which can be break easily when not used with care. These few simple tips can help you in protecting the touch screen of your favorite smartphone.

1. Using with care

This might seem like a no-brainer, but quite often we may let this simple tip out of sight. Remember that your phone is a complex device, and cartoonishly banging it against the table if it’s being slow will not solve any problems – but rather create new ones. Avoid applying too much pressure on your phone, after all, it is not meant to use that way, sometimes in excitement, people tend to press the display with hard hands, resulting in damage. The more gently you press the screen, more smoothly your phone will be working.

2. Avoiding direct sunlight

Sunlight doesn’t damage your smartphone in an instance; however, it is wise to not expose your smartphone or tablet to direct sunlight for long as it would damage the display panel.

3. Avoiding screen burn-in or ghosting

Ever heard of the term burn-in or ghosting? It is the situation of permanent discoloration of areas on an electronic display. This can happen when you don’t turn off the display after using the mobile phone. Don’t let the screen idle, either use it or turn it off to avoid the screen burn-in. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening though, is to set the lock screen to turn off after a certain amount of time in the settings of your smartphone or lower the brightness settings of the screen.

4. Cleaning it gently

Never over rub your phone when you are trying to clean it. Use a microfiber cloth which does not damage the screen and eliminates the chances for scratches on it. Also if you are using water to clean it, try using distilled water as it does not have calcium and other types of particles involved which can harm the screen. See tips to keep your smartphone sanitized and clean.

5. Knowing the limits

Just like every other thing, smartphones too have their limits. Avoid bringing your smartphone near other electrical devices such as heaters. The heat can damage the screen and the phone may burst off. Many people believe bringing your smartphone near magnets may end up harming them but that’s not so, magnets don’t harm the screen of the smartphones, in the worst case scenario the inbuilt magnetic sensor can get damaged but not the screen.

6. Avoid using with dirty or wet hands

Tapping on the screen with dirty or wet hands makes it rough hence the user is not able to operate it smoothly. In some cases, the whole display does not work sometimes. So handle it with care, avoid using your smartphone while you are drinking, eating etc.

So, are these tips helpful to you? You can share your experience or maybe another tip by leaving a comment below.

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