Alternative Ways to Register Globe GOSURF99

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Alternative Ways to Register Globe GOSURF99
With GOSURF99, enjoy 100MB consumable internet and experience Spotify basic and games with 1GB data for FREE using Globe Rewards or for 99 Pesos by using share-a-load/paymaya method valid for 30 days. This 2017, there are alternative ways to register GOSURF99.

Many Globe subsribers are having hard time to register GOSURF99 because the traditional ways of registering it which are REDEEM<space>GOSURF99 to 4438 as well as *143# method using Globe Rewards (which requires atleast 20 rewards points) were not working anymore.

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To solve your GOSURF99 registration problem, I gathered all possible alternative ways or methods to register GOSURF99 this 2017.

GOSURF99 is currently unavailable. If you're looking for a promo to extend your GoSakto Data, you can try GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080.
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    • Method 1 : Register GOSURF99 via TEXT METHOD (Share-a-Load)
      • Requirement: Another GLOBE/TM SIM card number with 100 pesos load (you will use this number to send to your own number the GOSURF99 promo)
        Step: Simply send this text message: GOSURF99 to 2xxxxxxxxxx (replace the zero in front of your cellphone number with the number 2).

        For example, your MAIN Globe number is 09161234567 while your OTHER Globe number is 09167654321

        1. Load 09167654321 worth 100 pesos.
        2. After it has been loaded, text the keyword: GOSURF99 and send it to 29161234567
        3. Wait for text reply from Globe that will ask for your confirmation. Confirm the text and wait for the GOSURF99 to be sent to your MAIN Globe number.
        4. To check status, send GOSURF STATUS to 8080.
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    • Method 2 : Register GOSURF99 via *143# METHOD (Share-a-Load)
      • Requirement: Another GLOBE/TM SIM card number with 100 pesos load

        1. Load Another Globe/TM sim worth 100 pesos.
        2. Dial *143#
        3. Choose SHARE-A-LOAD/PROMO.
        4. Look for GOSURF99.
        5. Send it as gift to your MAIN Globe number.
        6. Your Another Globe/TM sim will receive a confirmation message, just reply 'YES'.
        7. And now you're DONE, You have successfully registered GOSURFF99 to your MAIN Globe number.
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    • Method 3 : Register GOSURF99 via PAYMAYA METHOD
      • Requirements:

        1. Paymaya app from google play. Download Paymaya in Google Play Store.
        2. Paymaya account.
        3. Sufficient Paymaya funds (at least 99 pesos for the GOSURF99 registration; you can go to any 7-11 branches, use their CLIQQ machine and load from there).

        1. Create a Paymaya account.
        2. Go to the nearest 7-11 branch and load your Paymaya account with at least 99 pesos to buy GOSURF99 from your Paymaya app.
        3. Open your Paymaya app.
        4. Tap SHOP NOW.
        5. Go to DATA tab and choose GOSURF99.
        6. Enter your cellphone number then tap CONTINUE.
        7. Tap BUY.
        8. Wait for the promo to arrive on your cellphone number.
This is the sample text confirmation that you've successfully registered GS99:
"You now have 200MB GoWiFi allocation, free with your GoSURF promo. Connect to the GoWiFi network to enjoy surfing at speeds of up to 100Mbps! GoWiFi is available in Ayala Malls, select airports, MRT stations, Ministop outlets, and more. Visit the GoWiFi hotspot nearest you today. Valid until <expiration date>".

To redeem GS99 freebies:
Just text GS99 VIDEO to 8080, and you will receive this text confirmation that you've successfully redeemed GS99 freebies.
"You now have 1GB for YouTube and Dailymotion with your GoSURF 99. Your freebie will expire together with your GoSURF. For status, text GS STATUS. For more info on other freebies with GoSURF, text GS FREE. Send to 8080".

To add more data for GS99 using Globe combo promo trick or bug:
Visit my other posts and find GOSURF99.

Credits : Dickolodeon and h0tkaye69 of Mobilarian (Symbianize)
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