Breakfast Burrito


From Denmark to Mexico, my tastebuds are all over the place.     I may have mentioned Earth Fare a couple of times here, I really enjoyed shopping there, so much so that while I did restrain myself a little, I also picked up some of what I would consider necessities, sausage and cheese.   I managed to score some of the Chorizo sausage they make onsite and cooked some of it up this morning for breakfast. 

 Chorizo sausage frying away, it was very flavourful. 

I also scrambled some eggs, (notice the little spot of butter there to the side, I usually take a small pat of butter and wipe it along the inside of the pan when I'm scrambling eggs, keeps them from sticking).
After the eggs cooked, it was time to assemble my breakfast.
First some tortillas, a little strip of salsa, then the Chorizo, some cheese 
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burrito
The eggs and a little more cheese before I rolled it up, finished it with another strip of salsa and some more cheese.
Breakfast Burrito
Now you'll have to excuse me, it's time to eat.    

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