Carrots Escabeche- easy way


Once upon a time in California we used to go to a Mexican restaurant called La Paz.   We had to drive up Malibu Canyon road to Las Virgenes in Calabasas.  For me it was always a special treat to go there.
Honestly, if I could have persuaded my DH I would have gone there every week.  I loved it.

You always had a little bowl of Carrot Escabeche sitting on the table, and when you ordered a full meal a little bowl of Albondigas soup was brought out as a starter.  There were always 3 meatballs in the soup, along with some generous chunks of carrot and potato.

I would usually be the only one eating the Escabeche on the table.  My mouth would be singing from the hotness of carrots, but I could not stop eating them.
It was like they were totally addictive.

Fast forward many years, and I buy the cans of Jalapeno Escabeche and use them, but make sure I eat all the carrots. 
I do not share those.
Selfish, but there it is.

Then the other day I opened up another can of the pickled jalapeno escabeche and there were only a couple of carrot coins in it.
And that's when I decided, I was done buying these little cans just so I could get cheated out of my carrots.

I dumped the can of jalapenos out, ate the few carrot pieces and looked at it.   I pulled a couple of carrots out of the veggie bin, peeled them, cut them into coins and cooked them in a little water until they were crisp tender.  I drained them, and set them aside for a minute.  I then took the pickling liquid, added 1/4 cup vinegar ( my favorite rice wine vinegar) to the pot, chopped up an onion and heated them together.  While they were heating I took the jalapenos, cut them up and put them into a clean sanitized jar. You just want enough liquid to cover the veggies.  
As soon as the jar was cool, I put it into the fridge and waited.
Then I dumped the drained carrots into the pickling liquid and let it come to a boil.  As soon as it boiled I put them carrots, onions and liquid down on top of the jalapeno's and screwed the lid on. 
Just til dinner and taste tested some of the carrots.
I actually left a few for my dinner guests, and kept some of them back in the fridge so they could marinate longer.
OMG, they were so good.
My tongue is still talking about them. 

Please pardon me, I need to go finish eating my jar so I can make some more. 

I also got the coveted Red Plate from Miz Helen's Country Cottage for her Full Plate Thursday Roundup.  
I always get excited when I get one.  Full Plate Thursday 444, at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

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