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Dear, Hanifah
Hello, Hanifah, how are you? I hope you are good. Hanif, we have not met each other for a long time, and today, I’m very happy to be back for writing you a letter. Actually, this month, I’m planning to visit your city, Surabaya, but my parents cancel the vacation plans because they have to prioritize our business in Singapore. As a result, we will not go to Semarang and choose to have a holiday in Singapore. I am very sad about the decision, and it always makes me promise to go to your home alone when I have been older. It seems difficult to rely on my parents in order to take me a vacation to a place that I want, I think, they always follow their business but do not follow what I want.
Oiya, I heard you won the biggest badminton competition in the province of East Java. I read your name in the newspaper last week. The reporters wrote that you had beaten your opponent in just two sets and all sets were ended with a landslide. When reading the news, the thing that I wanted tell you at that time was that “I’m proud of you”. I know that someday, you will become the great badminton player. I still remember how you beaten Anita, the best student badminton athlete in Jakarta. Since that game, I am extremely sure that you could be the best badminton players in Indonesia. But Hanif, I told you for not forgetting your study. Be like Hanif that I know, always amazing in Badminton and in study.
Sorry if I give too much advises to you, please forgive your friend. Hanif, if I visit in your home, I want you to give all your time to accompany me walking around the city of Surabaya. I want to see the city not only from the television or video recordings that exist on Youtube. Even though you will be having badminton training schedule, I am going to definitely force you to skip so you can go with me.
Hanif, it looks like that this is the last paragraph of my wiriting. I do not know what I have to write anymore. I’m afraid if I’m too long to think and write, then I will miss you more and I could not cope with such longing. Hanif, my friend, keep your health. Always be my friend that I have known before, and do not forget to reply this letter.


Dear Imam
It's been so long I haven't seen your face again. How are you? I hope see your face again, since I saw you last year. I am in holiday right now. It's great.

I spent my school holiday to go camping in Ciremai Mountain. You know, this was our hobby that we admired most. I was getting a nice moment here, you know after studying hard in the school, this was the time to refresh my mind. My camping was accompanied by our friend Sanusi. Did you still remember Sanusi? The little fat man who always carried a big bag. You would never forget that person.

I came here, in the camping land with Cirebon Nature Lovers. It was so fun, we did a lot of great job here. We explored the mountain and cleaned the mountain from the trash. We collected and gathered the trash and brought them to the camping land. In the camping land, we burnt the trash to creat fire. When the fire was lit up, we people were like in a party. We danced, laughed, sang, and laughed. That was a great moment.

I hope your holiday's been going well for you too. My holiday that day would complete if you were there with me and Sanusi. Would you like to meet up some time in the next holiday?
Your besr freind,

P.S. Sanusi says hi.

Dear Rina,

Hi Rina how are you today? Hope you get best conditions right now. Rina, I am so sorry I cannot come to you birthday party today. Hope in your birthday, you will be better, get what you want and be successman. Actually I have plan to come to your party, I want to come by using Train to come to your house in Bandung. But, I am so sorry I have no money to buy a ticket, because the money I used to pay my boarding house here. This is my first time, I am not in your side during blowing candles in the birthday cake. But, I hope not only your birthday, as soon as possible I will come to you to meet you and talks about you and me.

Hmmh, by the way, I heard that you got first place on the biggest scientist competition in Java. How amazing you are. Are you being more smart than me? hehe. I just kidding, I always remember that last year, in the graduation you are be the best students. So, after you getting the first place, I read in the news paper that you as the winner in province should continue the scientist competition into the higher step, that is national right? I hope you will be the best there Rina. But, remember you should not forget to study the material from the school. As I know during you sit beside me, You always be the best in all of subjects in school.

Okay Rina, hope I can go to meet you and we can talks about the past. I want to meet your family as in the past. We play barbie after school in your house until evening. We do our homeworks together too. But, now we are in different place and you are better than me. 

Rina, it is the last paragragh of my letter. There are a lot of matter what I want to talk to you. But, i think too long to talk in here. I just want to know I really miss you. hope you get best in everytime in everyplace. Rina, keep your health and always be my best friend. Don't forget to reply this letter.

Best friend,



Dear my best friend,
Hay Nabila, It’s been 8 months we did not see each other since you moved to Jogjakarta. How are you there? I hope you are always healthy and happy just like me here. I’m glad finally I am able to write this letter to you because I miss you so much. I missed the times when we spent time together like reading a book in the library, going to school together, playing at your house and many more. When can we meet and do something together again? I’m so looking forward to that day. Hmm, do you still remember with mango tree that we planted in front of my house? Now it has turned into a big tree. The fruit is big and very sweet. But unfortunately, you’ve never tasted it yet. If you come here you have to taste it.
Anyway, how is your school? I heard that you were awarded as the best student there. Congratulations! Actually I’m not too surprised by that news because I have already known that you’re a smart and diligent girl. Therefore I’m sure you deserve it.
I want to know your plan after graduating from high school. I will continue my study at University of Gadjah Mada. Please pray for me! I hope I can learn there and meet you in Jogjakarta.
Alright then! Hopefully we can meet again someday and please tell your parents I miss them too. I am waiting a reply from you.
Your best friend,

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