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One of our local restaurants has been really working hard to do something a little different from the norm.   They've been showcasing local cooks/chefs on a monthly basis, and I've attended a couple of them.   A couple months back,  I, jokingly, said to one of the organizers that if they wanted someone to come in and do a cooking demonstration for Danish food, to let me know.   Well, they let me know, and I'll be featured in August.   Now it's time for nerves.     At any rate, me being me, my mind immediately started flipping through several menu ideas.   And I have to admit it, it wasn't hard to figure out a main dish.  And since I couldn't be satisfied with just coming up with a main dish, I had to figure out the side dishes and the dessert as well.
Here's the Menu:

Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)
Kartoffler med Persillesovs (Boiled potatoes with Parsley Sauce)
Rødkole (Red Cabbage)
Blomkål med Urter (Cauliflower with Herbs)
Dessert: Æblekage (Applecake)

So what I'm going to demo for the guests are the Frikadeller and also the dessert if they like.   I'll have a little cooking station set up and will showcase and demonstrate how to make the Frikadeller and the Applecake.

And since this is a Food Blog, I'll be posting the recipes for each one of the dishes on the menu.   So stay tuned and I'll be back.

In the meantime, here's a preview.

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