Identity V x Death Note Crossover Event to launch on May 27

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Identity V x Death Note Crossover Event to launch on May 27

Identity V on Monday announced its upcoming event, which collaborates with the famous anime series Death Note, on May 27. Fans of anime and Death Note would have an immersive experience to play a thrilling and competitive game as their favorite characters from the famous anime series. The Identity V x Death Note Crossover event will start from May 27 to June 24.

Identity V x Death Note Crossover Event - promo video

NetEase Games' asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Identity V posted the cinematic trailer of Identity V x Death Note Crossover on its official Twitter account. The promo video gives a sneak peek at what we can expect to see when Death Note's unforgettable characters and plot merge with the unique style of Identity V.

This does not surprise some players, as hints about the upcoming crossover have been riddled throughout Identity V for quite some time. Sharp-eyed players can find special apples after entering the game, which the detective character can communicate with to activate hidden dialogue announcing the new crossover's introduction. A flood of speculation erupted among the player base after these clues were first found. Now their questions have been answered with this official announcement and promo video.

Identity V x Death Note Crossover - gameplay

An Unparalleled Classic of Suspense Returns

Death Note, a classic anime adapted from Tsugumi Ohba's manga and drawn by Takeshi Obata, received the Tokyo Anime Award for Best TV Anime in 2007. The anime's plot follows Light Yagami, a Japanese high school student who discovers a notebook left on Earth by a Shinigami (a Grim reaper). He quickly knows that whatever he writes in this notebook's name would perish. This discovery sparks a series of events that pits Light Yagami, aka "Kira," against the young detective "L" in a thrilling game of justice, fame, life, and death.

Though Death Note isn't as popular as today's new anime series because it ended several years ago, in the hearts of countless anime and manga fans, this enduring classic remains a priceless memory, having had an enormous impact on these respective art forms.

Identity V is known for prioritizing quality over popularity for crossover partners (like Identity V x The Promised Neverland) and the subtle links between the two in terms of narratives, styles, and the atmosphere they create. Both Death Note and Identity V feature characters who compete against all odds, overcoming adversity after adversity while steadfastly upholding their values of fairness and honor. These fundamental values run through both stories, which is why fans of both franchises are excited to see what this all-new crossover has in store for them.

Identity V x Death Note Crossover Rewards

Identity V has prepared free exclusive crossover rewards for every player to commemorate the official announcement of the Identity V x Death Note crossover. To get your Crossover Essence, simply scan the QR code below to connect your in-game ID, and then share the event page!

Identity V x Death Note Crossover - special rewards

To know more about the game Identity V, you can visit its official website (, Facebook, or Twitter.
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