Simple Maker Injection for Globe MGC and TM

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Simple Maker Injection for Globe MGC No Load No Promo Needed

Simple Maker Injection is also an injector app like HTTP Injector for Android and HTTP Proxy Injector for PC. It has also the same purpose, it supports SSH/Proxy which can unblock websites that are filtered by our network provider’s firewall. It can also be used as a free internet in the Philippines using Globe MGC, no load and no promo needed.

Advantages of Simple Maker Injection compare to HTTP Proxy Injector for PC
- Less RAM (memory) usage
- Features multi-login, in case one bitvise was disconnected, other bitvise are still connected. No worries for disconnection.

Simple Maker Injection for Globe MGC and TM - PH Server and Open SSH Config


Recommended modem 4G/LTE Capable (Faster speed)- Globe Huawei 936 modem (openline); Other modems (Slower speed) - Pocket Wifi/USB-Stick Modem
Globe/TM Sim with 10.xx (10.11 or 10.83) IP address prefix
0 load balance, no load, no promo
APN Settings of Globe MGC :
Download Simple Maker Injection (update 2017)


1. Download and install Simple Maker Injection app.
2. Righ click SMI and run as admin.
3. In the Simple Maker Injection interface, Click MENU settings > Import/Open > Select SMI Config. Make sure tick injection and tunnel then Start.
4. Done! You have now unlimited free internet access without spending any load. Browse, stream and download all you want.

Note: If you are using Globe 936 modem, good for you because you can reach download speeds of up to 1 to 2 mbps, but for USB Stick modem or Pocket WiFi users, expect a slower speed since we are only using Globe MGC.

If you have any concerns regarding this Simple Maker Injection for Globe MGC, you can post your comment below. Thanks for reading. For more VPN or free tunneling app updates, keep on visting PinoyTechSaga daily.

Image and Tutorial credit: jess13 of Mobilarian (Symbianize)
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