Smart Free YouTube For All 2019, up to 1GB/day, for Smart, TNT, Sun

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Smart Free YouTube For All 2019, up to 1GB/day, for Smart, TNT, Sun

Smart Free YouTube For All is the biggest Youtube surprise of Smart to its subscribers this 2019. Free YouTube For All gives Smart Prepaid, TNT and Sun Prepaid subscribers up to 1 hour or 1GB/day of access to video apps including YouTube, iflix, iWant, NBA, and Cignal Play. Promo runs until September 30, 2019.

How to Claim Smart Free YouTube For All Promo 2019

This promo has different requirements in order to enjoy its free 1GB/day of video everyday. Selected subscribers need to have a minimum load balance of 10 Pesos. While others are required to register a specific promo like GIGA VIDEO / VIDEO+ (formerly GigaSurf) before they can avail the free YouTube for all promo. To see what Smart has prepared for you, just follow the steps below:

1. Dial *123#
2. You can see this message: "Claim your FREE 60 DAYS of YouTube"
3. Press 1 (Claim NOW)
4. Wait for the successful SMS confirmation in order to start using your free Youtube access.

Some subscribers can get exclusive GIGA VIDEO offer. To check Smart's surprise offer, follow the steps below:

1. Dial *123#
2. Press 1 (#FREEYouTubeForALL)
Sample offer (GIGA VIDEO 99): Get 2 GB + 1 GB VIDEO EVERYDAY for YouTube, iflix, NBA & more with additional FREE 1 GB for VIDEO, 7 days, P99!
3. Press 1 (Subscribe)
4. Wait for the successful SMS confirmation in order to enjoy the limited time offer from Smart.

Other Subscribers may get a FREE additional 1 hour (1 GB) of YouTube on top of their GIGA VIDEO or GIGA VIDEO+ subscriptions. On the other hand, Non-LTE subscribers who upgrade to LTE may get up to 1 hour(1GB) of Free YouTube daily, for up to 60 days.

Additional information on usage of Smart Free YouTube For All promo

You will be getting 1GB/day for YouTube, iflix, iWant TV, NBA App, and Cignal Play, which is equivalent to up to 1 hour of video streaming at any resolution. Actual time may vary depending on video resolution, device used, network signal used (3G or 4G), and current subscriber traffic. For optimal usage, you can manually adjust the viewing resolution to Standard Definition 360p (less than 720p) so you can be able to watch up to 1 hour of videos.

The 1GB video streaming of up to 1 hour is consumable, meaning, you can choose to stop viewing before the 1 hour is done, and continue watching anytime within the day until the 1 hour is completed. The Free YouTube access expires every midnight. For succeeding days, Free YouTube access will be available at the start of each day. Make sure to keep your mobile data turned on to receive your FREE YouTube.

Once you fully consumed your Free YouTube for the day, you will be receiving a notification. Continuing to watch YouTube will then start to use up your active data allowance on your currently registered promo. If you have no active data promo, you can continue watching YouTube and surfing other apps and sites by registering to any of your favorite data promos from Smart, TNT and Sun.

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To get help on your concern for this Free YouTube offer, you can contact your network's customer service hotline.

Tell us your thoughts about this Free YouTube For All by leaving your comment below.
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