First Monday Favorites - September 2017 - 9

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Is it only me or has this summer not just zoomed by fast, but did it hit hyper sonic speeds as well?
I know it's September and it should be getting cooler soon, but we're still sweltering in not just heat but humidity as well in our little corner of the world.   I can't wait for cooler weather so I can cook some of the foods I'm craving.
But enough about me.
It's First Monday Favorites time again.
Time to share your favorite recipe from last month.
Mine was my Sid's Lighthouse Crab Cakes.  
I did participate in a Crab Cake Cookoff in July, and won the People's Choice award for that, and that was wonderful but I didn't get the recipe posted until August.  And I have to pat myself on the back for that.  I've since made Sid's Lighthouse Crab Cakes a couple of times, and I think they'll be staying in the rotation for awhile.  I thought they were that good.  
Sid's Lighthouse Crab Cakes with Danish style Remoulade Sauce
I hate to admit it, but I did very little posting about new recipes last month.
Between getting a new computer up and running, doing the final edits on my cookbook, Hygge - Danish Food and Recipes and life in general happening to me, I only got a couple recipes posted.

So there it is.  My choice for August.

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