First Monday Favorites - September 2018 - 22

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It's that time of month again, the First Monday of the month and time to add your favorite recipe from last month.
First Monday Favorites
Not the one with the most views, but your own personal favorite, the one you'll be making time and time again.

I launched my cookbook, Nibbles and Bites  the other day, but also did a fair amount of cooking and baking last month and I'm having to flip a coin and eliminate some of the dishes I made.

I made a couple of Danish recipes, they'll be included in the rewrite and added to my other cookbook Hygge when it gets re-released.
And while it was tempting to tell you about them, I had to go with the recipe I made for the Baking Bloggers group.
It was over the top, YUMMY!  I made them for the Legion Cake Raffle.  I make a cake or cupcakes every other week and donate them for their raffle.  The money raised goes towards purchasing needed items for our community.  My little way of giving back.
However, the challenge for Baking Bloggers was to make Brownies or Bars and I had this recipe bookmarked, Triangle Delights Bars.
Triangle Delight Bars

Triangle Delight Bars

I actually bookmarked it a couple of years ago, and was waiting for the right opportunity to make them.
They got rave reviews from not only me (can anyone say sugar coma?), but from everyone who tasted them. 
So there it is, my Favorite Recipe for the month.

But before you go link up here's how to get copies of either cookbook.
 Nibbles and Bites - A Compilation of Appetizers, Canapes and Finger Foods.  Available both in book form and as an ebook.
if you're in the Carrabelle or Apalachicola, Florida area, you can pick up an autographed copy of the book at either Shop by the Sea in Carrabelle or Downtown Books and Purl in Apalachicola
My first cookbook Hygge - Danish Food and Recipes would be a great gift for any foodies in your life who want to explore or get in touch with their Danish cuisine roots Available as a Kindle e book or in paperback. Autographed copies are also available at the Danish Windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa or on their website. 


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