Must-Know! This is an Effective Way of Learning in a Pandemic Period


Supporting Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The rise of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

After the Covid-19 Pandemic hit Indonesia in 2022, almost all systems turned online. One of them is in the education process in Indonesian. Students and teachers are required to learn online. Therefore, it is very important to know how to effectively study during a pandemic.

For some students, online learning is very boring. Not being able to meet in person and uncomfortable because they have to keep staring at the laptop screen. Therefore, in the end, the material cannot be absorbed properly.

Learning in a Pandemic Period Effectively and Efficiently

Learning does not take long, the important thing is to be effective. No need for hours, but must be disciplined and consistent. That is the key to success in understanding material. Even the difficult ones.

Immediately, below are some learning tips and tricks during a pandemic that you can apply every day:

1. Take Special Time

The first and foremost tip is to set aside a specific time. During a pandemic, you certainly have a lot of free time. Moreover, the learning process is only done online.

But sometimes, that free time is not used for useful things. Often, used for playing games and doing other useless activities. You should avoid this.

Begin to set the time of day. You have to be able to manage when to study and when to play. There must be a specific and specific time to study, lest there be none. It's easy, follow the steps below:

  • Get up early and never go to bed early (because it makes you lazy)
  • Get enough sleep, so you can manage the time
  • Never play outside of playtime
  • Study with a focus on study time
  • Do it with discipline and don't underestimate it

You are also recommended to make a daily schedule. After the schedule is made, don't violate the schedule that has been made. Firmness and discipline in learning during a pandemic are very important.

If necessary, print the schedule and paste it into your study room. The goal is so that you can implement what has been planned. It's a bit difficult to be disciplined, so you have to get used to it.

2. Don't Study Too Long

The second tip is not to study too long. Maximize 45 minutes of study. After that, make sure you stop and refresh. If you've been attending online meetings for more than an hour, make sure to refresh your brain.

Don't push yourself when your brain is tired. Because it is useless to study in an unfocused brain condition. Learning material will be very difficult to enter and digest in a tired brain. Follow these tips to make your study effective:

  • Focus when studying and don't multitask
  • After a maximum of 45 minutes, switch to another activity
  • Don't push yourself often
  • If the brain is tired, stop and change to other activities
  • Prepare snacks if necessary when studying

The point is, don't force your brain when you're tired. This will make you stressed and eventually, the body's metabolism will be disrupted. Studying is important, but don't forget to take a break.

3. Pay Attention to Rest Hours

It can be said, learning online can be more tiring than studying offline. Staring at a PC or smartphone screen requires more concentration. So that makes the brain hot and tired quickly.

When you feel tired after an online lesson, make sure to get some sleep or rest. Do not immediately move to other activities that make your brain squeezed out. This can make you vulnerable to stress.

  • Never stay up late for any reason
  • Get enough sleep in one day, at least 6 hours a day
  • Don't get used to sleeping at night, it's dangerous!
  • When resting, do not open the smartphone
  • Once in a while, refresh by looking at the vast green scenery

The tips for taking a study break above will be very important for you to know and apply. Whatever the conditions, never push yourself and make your body tired. Because such conditions are very dangerous for your health.

It's better not to study for a moment, rather than forcing yourself to be stressed and unable to focus. If you are tired of studying, take a break. If necessary, sleep a few hours to recharge and focus the brain. After that, you can study again.

We emphasize this because many students push themselves. Eventually, they got sick and some died. Again we say, learning is very important. but it is not much more important to take care of your mental and physical health.

4. Study with Friends at Home

Tips for effective learning during the next Pandemic is to invite friends. One of the effective learning methods is Peer Tutor. Because the explanation of friends is sometimes much clearer and clearer than the explanation of the subject teacher.

Therefore, you can once invite your close friends to study at home. But make sure to keep the health protocol when studying. By studying together, you will be much more relaxed and relaxed.

Sometimes, you can talk or vent. But don't procrastinate. Make sure you do the session after you are tired from studying. Oftentimes, chatting is more interesting than studying, so don't let the conversation drag on.

But make sure not to bring a lot of friends at home. Because it can create crowds and can eventually connect the chain of transmission of Covid-19. Don't forget to limit your study time. Not too short and not too long.

  • Make sure to invite friends who can motivate you to learn
  • Use a rotating home study system
  • You can do other activities, but you still have to focus on studying
  • Don't create a crowd when studying together
  • Keep complying with health protocols in any condition

The tips above are very important to do. So, learning together what you do is effective and efficient. We guarantee that by studying together, you will be more enthusiastic about understanding the material together.

5. Use References from the Internet

An effective way to learn during the last pandemic is to maximize internet facilities. Due to the pandemic, you will be closer to the internet. So, it will be much easier to learn because the sources are many.

You can use Youtube to study. If not, many learning websites contain a lot of learning material. You just need to look for it on the internet and never get tired of reading.

If necessary, you can print the references from the internet. After that, you read with enthusiasm. You can look for questions for practice, so you can better understand the material that has been delivered by the teacher online.


We don't know when this pandemic will end, so we need to know how to effectively learn during a pandemic. The goal is that you can learn to the maximum, despite the limitations of space and face-to-face learning. Hopefully, the information above is useful, Happy Learning!

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