Some Tips On How To Play Monster Hunter World For Beginners!

Some Tips On How To Play Monster Hunter World For Beginners!
Some Tips On How To Play Monster Hunter World For Beginners!
New to Monster Hunter through the Monster Hunter World game? Here are some Monster Hunter World tips for those of you who are just starting to play!
The return of Monster Hunter since 2012 has been very pleasant for old fans. Even so, Monster Hunter World, which was just released on January 26th, received a very positive response that attracted new players. Well, for you who are playing Monster Hunter for the first time, try reading the Monster Hunter World tips first!
Monster Hunter World Tips here include some tips on fighting monsters, gathering resources, crafting, and exploration, as well as tips for survival at the end of the game. The features mentioned above are the basis of Monster Hunter World. So, it is hoped that after reading these Monster Hunter World tips, you who have just played them can enjoy this game.
The following are Monster Hunter World tips for battles or combat against monsters:
Keep in mind that every hunt can be considered a boss fight, so prepare the weapons and items you need and find information about the monsters you want to hunt.
Monsters in Monster Hunter World do not have health bars! Even so, you can still find out whether the monster is almost defeated or not through its movements. For example, like the way that became lame, his breathing began to heavy, and ran away to sleep.
  • Every weapon that you use has its own uniqueness. Feel free to experiment with each weapon and use what suits your style of play.
  • If you have trouble carrying out missions, use SOS Signals! Other players will help you when hunting.
  • Try to set a trap. Traps like pitfall or electric traps can do damage and weaken your hunted monsters.
  • Use a distraction. You can use your "cat" Palico or Slinger to distract monsters.
  • In every hunt, you are given 3 chances. Learn from your experience!
  • Some monsters have attacks that can kill you once. Be careful!
  • Monster Hunter World Tips For Beginner Players!
Following are some Monster Hunter World tips for resource collection and crafting:
  • Remember that items that you can carry in item pouches are limited. So, just bring and loot items that are useful. For the beginning of the game, what you need most is Potion and Antidote, and Mega Potion. Remember what items can be used to make potions, antidotes, and mega potions.
  • Upgrade weapons and craft armor as much as possible. Of course, only weapons and armor you need.
  • Don't forget to visit Resource Control in Astera, usually you will get a quest with a decent prize.
  • For the beginning to the middle of the game, take material from bone piles. Bone Armor is quite good to use for the beginning and middle of the game.
  • Complete quests and optional quests as much as possible because they can give you several rare items, gems, and materials.
  • After unlocking the Botanical Research Center, visit the site to get materials for potions.
  • You can farm material during the hunt / investigation / by returning to Camp with fast travel. After that, the material that you take will respawn.
  • Eits, there are still some other Monster Hunter World tips, you know! Continue to page 2!
  • Monster Hunter World Tips For Beginner Players!
When exploring, there are a few things you need to know:
  • Scout Flies (green fireflies) will tell you various objects that you can interact with during play, including resources and footprints.
  • You can get the Research Point by tracking the footprint, finding valuable materials, and cutting the body parts of the monsters that you fight.
  • After finding a monster, you can open the map and pin the monster. That way, you can follow the monster more easily. Oh, and you can use the R3 button to lock the monster that you want to chase.
  • After you find it at least once, the resource will appear on the map. It's farming time!
  • Some objects in your environment can be used during battles, you know! For example, plant roots that can ensnare monsters, etc. Use these objects to help you during the battle!
  • Use fast travel. There is no penalty for each use and you can use to save time.
Those were some Monster Hunter World tips for beginners. This game itself is arguably quite complicated and somewhat difficult to play for beginners. However, with a little patience - trial and error - guaranteed you will soon master the basic mechanisms in playing this game.

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