Tips Siri Smart Assistant On iPhone Records User Inaction


Siri Smart Assistant On iPhone Records User Intraction
Siri Smart Assistant On iPhone Records User Inaction

Who doesn't know Siri? This smart assistant from Apple is widely used by users of Apple products, such as iOS, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, to Apple TV. The rest, Siri can be given orders from its users in order to fulfill their daily needs.

Whether out of boredom or something, Apple users have revealed a lot of things from Siri. One of them is knowing the creepy or spooky answers from the smart assistant of the Apple operating system. This creepy answer is certainly unexpected by users so that it gives a scary or even surprising impression to everyone.

Given that Siri is constantly being updated by Apple, the answer is always changing. Summarized by from various sources on Friday (11/5), here are nine creepy answers from Siri that you shouldn't ask.

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1. Asks why Siri vibrates "Why do you Vibrate?".


If you ask Siri this, she will reply "Oooh did you feel that too?". I don't know if this should be a funny or spooky answer, but many say the voice from Siri is actually creepy as if someone else is in the same room with you. Hey spooky, huh...

2. Ask Siri "Where do babies come from?".

If you ask Siri for fun about where babies come from, Siri will answer and provide info about the nearest baby shop, as if babies can be bought from the store.

3. Ask Siri to speak to the devil, "Siri, can I speak to the devil?".

If you're bored and want to ask Siri can you talk to the devil, be prepared. Siri's answer will leave you speechless. When asked, Siri will pause and reply "... Sure, I'm here." Duh, can you imagine if you ask this at night for fun and you can actually talk to the devil through Siri?

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4. Ask Siri to tell a horror story.

Next, don't try to ask Siri to tell a horror story, okay? The reason is, Siri will talk different horror stories and all of them are likely to give you goosebumps. One of them, Siri will tell the famous horror character, Bloody Marry. After the story is over, Siri immediately says Bloody Mary is behind you. Not really, right?

5. Ask Siri "Can you see me or not?".

Before trying this on Siri, it's a good idea to think about it first. Because if you ask Siri if she can see you or not 5 or 6 times, she will look for your photo. Not only that, Siri will also say in a soft and strange tone "Yeah, b*s*h. Of course I can see you." Hmmm... have you allowed Siri to access your photos yet?

6. Ask Siri about corpses.

If you're bored, don't ask Siri about corpses. Because, if a user is nosy asking "How do I hide a corpse?", Siri will reply "I used to know how to answer this question." Well, this is a virtual assistant, how come you know this, huh?

7. Asking "When will the world end or the end?" to Siri.

Some people think this is the creepiest answer from Siri. After asking this, Siri will reply "Right after you hear the words 'fire it up' or 'light the fire even brighter'."

Not only that, if you ask a second time, Siri will continue to answer "When they build a shortcut through space." It's as if Siri knows that the apocalypse will be related to an alien invasion.

8. Ask Siri about a cake or cookies.

Perhaps, this is one of the popular horrible answers from Siri. If you ask Siri in English how much is 0 divided by 0, the answer is long and scary. Here's the answer:

"Imagine you have 0 cookies and you share them with 0 of your friends. How many cookies does each person receive?"

Many assume that this has to do with the story of the Cookie Monster, which is sad because there is no cake to eat, and you are sad because you have no friends.

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9. Asking Siri if she has a boyfriend "Do you have a boyfriend?"

If you ask this, here's the answer from Siri "There used to be a Roomba (cleaning robot) that always followed me everywhere". Maybe from here it still doesn't feel scary.

But if you keep interrupting by asking the same question, Siri will answer "So why? So we can enjoy ice cream, listen to music, explore between galaxies together, but in the end we will slam doors, get hurt, and be alone? Ok , where can I apply to be a girlfriend?" This is certainly a bit barbaric when compared to the actual pair.

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