Not All States Have Insurance Companies That Cover Rideshare Insurance

With rapid growth in ridesharing services, auto insurance companies are now offering car insurance for rideshare drivers as well. Usually, a rideshare insurance coverage provides protection for personal and for the time a driver is signed into the ridesharing app.

Some of the insurance companies that best rideshare insurance include Allstate, Erie, Farmers, Foremost, Geico, Mapfre, Mercury, MetLife, Progressive, Safeco, StateFarm, Travelers, and USAA. The cost for rideshare insurance coverage varies from one provider to the other and may cost as less as $6 in addition to the traditional policy. Depending on the provider, continuous coverage when signed in to the app may or may not be provided.

Remember, not all states have insurance companies that cover rideshare. Also, not all insurance providers will provide car insurance for rideshare drivers. Therefore, in such a case you might need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy such that you are fully covered. Commercial policies provide higher liability limits but they cost a lot more averaging between $1,200 and $2,400 per year for a passenger car.

When should you contact auto insurance company ridesharing for coverage? Assess the coverage provided by your ridesharing company. If it provides coverage only during the time you have accepted a ride while coverage is reduced or not provided during the wait period, you will need rideshare insurance coverage for protection during this period. Another factor that can determine your decision to opt for car insurance for rideshare drivers is when you want a higher coverage limit than provided by your rideshare company.

As a first step to buying rideshare insurance coverage, inform your personal auto insurer. Figure out the difference in auto insurance company ridesharing and your personal policy. Check with your personal insurer if it can offer uber and my car insurance to fill in those gaps. Prefer rideshare insurance coverage as it is usually ten times cheaper than the commercial insurance. Do remember that rideshare insurance coverage is not available as a standalone policy. So, you need to buy your rideshare insurance coverage from the same provider as your personal auto insurance

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