Thanksgiving Sides


I'm so excited.  It's Thanksgiving this week, and I'm going to join some friends for dinner. 

Which means I get to make some sides and bring them along.

I love the sides at Thanksgiving.

I like the basics, turkey, mashed taters and gravy, but the sides is what elevates it for me.   In fact I can make an entire meal out of the sides, and have done so in the past.   The turkey was kinda an afterthought.

Not really.  I need a slice of turkey so I can put some of my Boozy Cranberry Sauce on top.

I'm making some this year and bringing it along with a Pumpkin Pie

 and some of my
No-Knead Bread.

And even though I'm not making some of my other favourites, nothing says I can't share the recipes or links here with you.

Ummm, by the way, is your turkey in the fridge thawing yet?  Remember, to safely thaw a Turkey you need to allow at least 24 hours for every 4-5 lbs.  In other words, if you're cooking a 12 lb. turkey you should have put it in the fridge on Sunday to start thawing it.  

In the past I've also made this Green Bean Casserole that the Pioneerwoman made on her website.   If you want rich, cheesy, bacony goodness, this is the way to go.   I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.   But I'm not making it this year.

I also love my Wild Rice Stuffing, and while I'm not making it for next week, I may just have to whip some up for myself.

And last, and most certainly not least, you need a pretty table.   Let me share a couple of ideas.

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