Learn to Play Contemporary Guitar

Chapter 5: Moving On

5.1 Capo – The Power Tool

In contemporary guitar playing, the capo is the most powerful accessory around. It allows all songs to be played with relatively simpler chords.


A song played to E Key will invoke chords like E, B, C#m, F#m G#m.

By placing a capo on the 4th fret (C → C# → D → D# → E: 4 transitions), the song can now be played in the C Key and will involve chords like C, G, Am, Em, Dm which are easier to play.

5.2 Complex Chords

As mentioned, I will not go into the music theory as to how the fingerings are obtained for the different chords. Many beginners are intimidated when they see complex chords e.g. Caug9, F7b5 etc. Well, there is no need to be. Just look up the fingering for the chord and treat it as just another chord with its own set of fingerings.

One excellent website that I use is http://www.chordbook.com/guitarchords.php.

5.3 Sustaining Motivation

Many aspiring guitarists fail because they give up after the initial enthusiasm fades off. One strategy to sustain your interest is to learn to play your favourite songs.

Chords Haven is a repository of chords for songs loved by my readers and myself. Join me on facebook to receive updates and request for your favourite songs!

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