Ariana Grande, John Legend - Beauty and the Beast


Key: E/C#/F#/Eb

Capo 4 - Play C/A/D/B


Intro: lCadd9 lF/C   G/Bl x2 


Cadd9            F/C

Tale as old as time

Cadd9            F/G

True as it can be

Cadd9        Em7

Barely even friends


Then somebody bends




Aadd9        D/A

Just a little change

Aadd9                G

Small to say the least

A7      A7/C# Dmaj7

Both a little   scared

           A/C#    Bm7

Neither one prepared

Esus4        A

Beauty and the Beast


                      C#m7 Dmaj7 

~ Ever just the same

               C#m7 Dmaj7

Ever a surprise

               C#m7                      F#m

Ever as before And ever just as sure

                 G        E (F C/E G/A)

As the sun will rise ~


D                   G/D

Tale as old as time

D                    G/A

Tune as old as song

D                      F#m

Bitter-sweet and strange

F#/Bb               Bm7   A

Finding you can change

G                         G/A

Learning you were wrong


B                   E/B

Certain as the sun


Certain as the sun


Rising in the east

B7                 Emaj7

Tale as old as time

             G#m   C#m7

Song as old as rhyme 

F#sus4      B            F#/Bb G#m

Beauty and the Beast 


            F#     Emaj7

Tale as old as time

             Gm/Eb C#m7

Song as old as   rhyme

F#sus4            B

Beauty and the Beast


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