Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea



Key: G#

Capo 1 – Play G


Intro: lG   lG/A lCadd9 lCadd9 l x3

         lEm7 lD  lCadd9 lCadd9 l


G                G/A         Cadd9

You look so wonderful in your dress

G             G/A       Cadd9

I love your hair like that

G              G/A           Cadd9

The way it falls on the side of your neck

Em7          D                   Cadd9

Down your shoulders and back

G              G/A           Cadd9

We are surrounded by all of these lies

       G               G/A      Cadd9

And people who talk too much

G               G/A     Cadd9

You got the kind of look in your eyes

        Em7              D                Cadd9

As if no one knows anything but us


  Cadd9                  G              D

* Should this be the last thing I see

  Cadd9                        G           D

I want you to know it's enough for me

           Cadd9                 G                  D

'Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need

             G G/A Cadd9 G G/A Cadd9

I'm so in love,      so in love

         G G/A Cadd9 G G/A Cadd9

So in love,       so in love


G                G/A       Cadd9

You look so beautiful in this light

G              G/A        Cadd9

Your silhouette over me

G              G/A               Cadd9

The way it brings out the blue in your eyes

         Em7    D Cadd9

Is the Tenerife Sea

       G          G/A          Cadd9

And all of the voices surrounding us here

              G                   G/A          Cadd9

They just fade out when you take a breath

G                G/A          Cadd9

Just say the word and I will disappear

Em7     D      Cadd9

Into the wilderness *


Em7 Cadd9 G  D   Em7 Cadd9   D

Lumière,     darling Lumière over me *


G                G/A         Cadd9

You look so wonderful in your dress

G             G/A      Cadd9

I love your hair like that

G           G/A         Cadd9

And in a moment I knew you, Beth


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