This is Nassar's condition after a week of being treated at the hospital



Dangdut singer Nassar has been hospitalized for a week.

He was admitted to the hospital due to exhaustion. This was conveyed by Ruben Onsu who recently visited Nassar at the hospital.

"He's tired," said Ruben Onsu in the Intense Investigation show on YouTube. Sarwendah's husband then revealed Nassar's condition after a week in hospital. Ruben Onsu said that Nassar had started to improve and smiled again.

"It's been pretty good. Nassar is laughing again, smiling again, happy to see him," added Ruben Onsu. Previously, Nassar reported that he was being treated at the hospital.

He showed a photo lying on a hospital bed on Instagram.

"Finally, God told me to rest first," said Nassar. The KDI graduate did not reveal why he was hospitalized. However, Nassar is suspected of experiencing fatigue due to a busy routine. He then prayed to the creator to be given healing. Apart from that, Nassar also asked for prayers from fans and netizens. The man who is familiarly called King Nassar hopes to get well soon and return to his activities. "Ask for prayers, all my dears," concluded Nassar.

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