5 ways Chords Haven can be unsafe to FB users



Since yesterday (06/05/15), if you attempted to post a Chords Haven link on Facebook, you would be halted by this warning message that's more menacing than our handsome policeman holding out his palm.



The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe.


As for why would a music blog be considered 'unsafe' totally eludes me.


Sabotage? I guess no one would stoop that low.


Hence, I did a painstakingly-thorough 10-second examination of the blog and arrived at these findings.


Here are 5 ways in which Chords Haven can be unsafe to valued FB users.



#1 Poses content that can be intoxicating


Ever gotten 'high' or 'drunk' on music?


Research has shown that music-making floods your system with endorphins which gives you a mild opiate high.


Perhaps I should enforce a 'no-viewing of chords haven in public after 10.30pm' rule.



#2 Encourages people to pick up the guitar which can be a dangerous weapon when angered or hey, intoxicated



Don't worry. I have only one guitar left and I won't waste it on anyone. My other guitar broke several years back.


Due to natural causes.



#3 Corrupts impressionable young minds


Yeah. I know right. Today's mainstream music isn't exactly all that wholesome.


But notice how such songs never make it onto Chords Haven or are replaced with their 'clean' versions?


[Perfect] http://chords-haven.blogspot.sg/2011/10/pink-perfect.html

[Forget You] http://chords-haven.blogspot.sg/2011/06/glee-cast-forget-you.html



#4 Degrades quality of thinking & enjoyment


Alright. I do have a Justin Bieber song disguised as the glee version. But hey, at least I didn't do 'Friday' ya?


[Baby] http://chords-haven.blogspot.sg/2011/10/glee-cast-baby.html



#5 Wastes their precious time


Ever heard of quote: Music soothes the wretched mind? No?


Me neither. I just came up with it.


In my humble opinion, music-making constitutes more effective use of time than snooping on 'friends' on social networks and garnering likes for tastefully-photographed overpriced frozen yoghurt.



Well, I guess this post is probably not going to help to convince FB to revoke the 'block'. But I'd be grateful if you could help me make a case by liking the post on Chords Haven FB account.



Now let me get back to guitar playing and answering your requests.


Let the music soothe the wretched mind. Peace.

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