JBL Best Pop/ Music Blog Finalist



I have got great news to share!


Chords Haven has been selected as a finalist for the JBL Best Pop/ Music Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013!


Like the many ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and ‘thank-yous’ and ‘good-jobs’, this is a validation of my efforts and a motivation for me to want to do more to bring music-making to the masses.


The finalists had a meeting with the organisers/sponsors last week. As we made our round of self-introductions, I felt immensely privileged and humbled to be amongst the community of bloggers who has been identified to play a role in promoting music through our content.



The sponsor was really generous, presenting each of us with a series of JBL speakers to bolster our arsenal of equipment for blogging. During the presentation by Mr Daniel Sim, Deputy GM of IMS Marketing, he raised a point that struck a chord with me (note the pun!):


“Music is meant to be shared.”


I totally agree. In fact, not just music but also the joy of music-making.


Sharing the joys and stress-relieving effects of making music was one of my core motivations for starting Chords Haven.



Do share your love and support by voting for Chords Haven!


Voting is open till 23/06. Each reader is entitled one vote a day and voters stand a chance to win attractive prizes from JBL!


So once again, please share your love and support! Vote for Chords Haven!

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