Music Matters Live 2013



No amount of invigilation could have prepared me for this.


FIVE hours of standing in the humid Singapore air, sandwiched between hoards of sweaty fans gyrating to the thundering music.


So why was I there @ Clarke Quay to watch Music Matters Live 2013?


The prospect of watching Boyce Avenue LIVE.


The wait for BA was long but the mostly entertaining performances made it bearable. There was the K-pop spell where Korean sensations like AOA, SPICA, M.I.B and Lena Park took to the stage, causing the crowd to go wild to their spunky dance moves and energetic raps+singing.


Admittedly, I did not enjoy the K-pop as much as those around me and I felt mildly guilty for occupying and denying a real fan of a space in the crowd.



Many of the squatters turned out to be K-pop fans for they left after the segment, allowing me to filter to the very front by the time BA came up.


To watch BA live was a good-enough reason to justify my little “suffering”.


Having an unobstructed view of the performance made every minute of the waiting worth it.


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