Eco Music Challenge Season 1 Showcase



It was a privilege to be amongst the invited bloggers at the Eco Music Challenge Season 1 Showcase at Timbre @ The Substation as we were treated to a night of beautiful music with sublime messages of ecological conservation.


The talented Jill-Marie


Having had stints at song writing with my hall's xinyao group, I felt every bit humbled by the quality of compositions and music arrangements showcased.


I was especially enchanted by the 2010 winning entry "Heaven on Earth"; the melody so solemn and captivating, the messages strong and stern, compelling reflection and realisation of how humankind are treating (or mistreating) our planet. It reminds me of a quote:


if all the insects were to disappear from the Earth

within fifty years all life on Earth would end

if all human beings disappeared from the Earth

within fifty years all forms of life would flourish


But through the performances, I am gratified that there are people/ groups/ organisations who are actively working to conserve the planet. I shall contribute with my own conservation efforts and in spreading the message.


Calling all music lovers: you too, can do your part. Put your musical talents to good use in writing a song to express your appreciation and support for our environment. Take part in the Eco Music Challenge 2011! Official website:

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