What marketing tricks from Mixue are worth emulating?


What marketing tricks from Mixue are worth emulating?


Do you still remember several FnB brands such as Haus, Es Teh, xiboba, cafes that sell all kinds of coffee, including Pak Gembus gepuk chicken and Bensu geprek chicken??? Several years ago, these brands were very viral and the products were quite good, but what is happening now? Yes, it's slowly starting to "dim", why? because of inconsistency in carrying out marketing activities and lack of product innovation even though the products offered are quite good.

Returning to Mixue, from my point of view, the marketing strategy used by Mixue is an ordinary strategy like a new brand in Indonesia which just happens to have the right momentum/timing so that it goes viral.

Mixue's marketing strategy, such as using content on social media as part of their promotions, apparently includes the 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place).

A short review of Mixue, in my opinion the product is quite pleasing to the tongue, the price is affordable for school children/students, the promotion has hit the momentum and the locations are quite numerous, in fact most of them are in strategic places.

The conclusion is that Mixue is quite successful in marketing its CURRENT products by utilizing content on social media as their marketing strategy. (this is something to follow)

However, a question arises, will Mixue still have lots of customers in the next 2 or 3 years??? Or will it fade like some of the brands I mentioned above?

I'm willing to bet with my friends that the answer is that MIXUE will NOT have many customers in the next 2-3 years, if....they don't carry out the two things I've mentioned above, namely: 1. consistent and innovative marketing activities. 2. product innovation.

Remember friends!!!! These 2 points are always/sometimes forgotten by companies, resulting in a decline in their customer trends.

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