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The first challenge that you will face if you are planning of obtaining a golden retriever pup is its source. As a matter of fact, it is somewhat impossible to determine whether or not the golden retriever pup will grow healthy, no matter what you do. In order to assume that your golden retriever pup will grow up healthy, the breeder that your pup came from must have good reputation.

There are few factors that you must consider in choosing the right breeder of golden retrievers. It is essential that you must thoroughly think each of your choices. Below are some of the few factors that must take into consideration. These will help you choose the right breeder.

Backyard Golden Retriever Breeder

These types of golden retriever breeders are regarded as a poor option in selecting a puppy. Mostly, these types of breeder are people who possess few golden retrievers. These types of breeders realized that it is fun breeding their female golden retriever because of its puppies while some of them breed their canine pet once or twice before opting to spay their canine. They mostly do not care on the quality of litters and care for them. They mostly mind the money that they would get in selling the litters.

Basically, most of these types of breeders have either little or no knowledge on the basics of breeding golden retrievers. Even a few of them have less knowledge on how to properly care their canine pet. Mostly, they have no knowledge regarding the problems in breeding golden retriever and would mostly care even less. All they want is to make their canines produce litters for additional income. They would usually sell the litters as soon as the puppies are bred.

Dealers or Pet Shops

Pet shops or pet dealers are the in fact considered as the worst place to obtain a golden retriever puppy, that is because the puppies that they sell are bred or brought up poorly and are mostly bred on poor environments. Pet shops consider the golden retriever puppies as merchandises that must be profited. Pet shops mostly do not care on the quality of the puppy; they usually care about the quantity.

And because of the way the golden retriever puppies are bred and brought up, they usually make quite bit of income. Mostly, they spend small amount on the breeding and the caring of the litters. Basically, pet shops rely on “impulse buying”. This is done by simply not giving the buyer a sufficient amount of time to assess the golden retrievers that they sell. So if you are looking for a golden retriever pup this is not a good place to get one.

Hobby Breeders

This is probably the best way to obtain a golden retriever pup, mostly because hobby breeders of golden retrievers are trustworthy and committed in caring and quality of the golden retriever litters. And because of that, hobby breeders care more on the quality side and nothing else. Mostly, they will assist you in raising the best golden retriever pup because they dedicate themselves in raising the best one.

So if you want to have the best golden retriever pup, all you need is to visit a hobby breeder, because hobby golden retriever breeders understand their responsibility in each and every one of their puppies. Hobby breeders seldom breed poor quality pups. If you obtained your golden retriever pup from these types of source, then you are guaranteed that you have a healthy pup.
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