travelling with your pets; some useful tips


Remember to bring along your pet's rabies and health certificates if you are taking your pet on vacation with you. It is also a good idea to have the name of someone who would be willing to come and get the animal in case of an accident. If you are staying at hotels, you would do well to research which ones accept pets (many do) and which ones do not.

Some airlines will let your pet ride in the cabin with you for a $50 one-way fee, but it must be small enough to fit in a crate that will then fit under the seat in front of you, and your pet will count as one piece of your carry-on luggage.

And just like children, pets DO get carsick! If you are planning a long trip with your pet and he isn't used to traveling in the car much, you might want to take him out for a bunch of rides - gradually lengthening the trip each time. Also putting the animal toward the front of the vehicle will sometimes help with a dog that does get carsick (less motion than at the back).

How many times have you driven down the street to see a car go by you that has a dog hanging out the window? Or sitting in the driver's lap? Not only is this a probable accident waiting to happen, but the dog's head and eyes are in danger of being injured by debris. It is always a good idea to restrain your dog when he is traveling in the car with you - either with a harness or in a crate. If you use a harness, you might consider covering the seat with a seat cover or an old blanket that you can take out and wash.

And last but not least, under no circumstances EVER leave your pet in the hot sun in the car (even with the windows down). It is akin to putting them into a 120° oven!! Have fun with your pet and enjoy your summer.
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