what do you give a dog and wine lover? a wine crate dog feeder


“Treat your dog like a person, and he will treat you like a dog…” Not my pooch!

They are family members — we pamper our pets like our kids, we throw them birthday parties and arrange play-dates, and hire dog walkers for them. We dress them up for Halloween (my 85-pound black lab Bird in a bumble bee costume?) and take them along on trips.

Every dog owner I know has that “special” relationship with his pet — I’m sorry to say that I prefer my dog Bird over most people I know — and yes, I will provide him with the very best.

The pet industry has taken notice: according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), we spent over $36 billion on our pets in 2006 — a confirmation of how much they are a part of American family life. High-end hotels (fretté linen for your four-legged friend?), cafés, restaurants and deluxe boutiques have quickly opened their doors to our canine population. From doggy spas and dog fashion shows to luxurious pet products, we seem to spoil our furry friends rotten (or is it ourselves?).

If you are a dog lover and a wine connoisseur (and I am!), these unique dog dishes will satisfy your desire to feed Fido with panache and also feed the interior decorator inside of you. Treat your classy pooch to a fine dining experience and furnish your home with a beautiful piece of doggie furniture.

Being elevated, these dog diners also promote healthy eating and drinking habits for your pet. Two doggie bowls recessed side-by-side in a stand is not a novelty, but in an authentic wooden wine crate — oh là là!

The feeders are hand-crafted by Whiner and Diner™ out of recycled (did I hear “eco-chic”?) wooden wine crates from European and Californian wineries. They come in different sizes to accommodate the tall and the short ones, and are outfitted with 1- or 2-quart stainless steel dog bowls (embossed with paw prints — or plain edges, for minimalists). Depending on the size chosen, the dog dishes can consist of either a single-bowl or a double-bowl configuration.

You can choose from a few basic colors or have the dish custom color-washed to complement your unique décor (match it to your kitchen cabinets, your floor or wherever your imagination takes you). And, of course, you wouldn’t dream of owning an upscale pet feeder unless it was hand-personalized with Fido’s name…well, they can do that too!

Now, if only they could get your favorite “Château Margaux” wine crate…they will, depending on their inventory! Voilà! However, they do not include the wine…too bad!

“Bone Appétit! A votre santé!”
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